Saturday, February 2, 2008

Oh, Hillary Thinks She's Slick (Obama Too)

You've got to be pretty brain-dead not to hear the occult code words in Hillary Clinton's commercial playing in California. Check out how she changes from America's "can-do spirit" to "NewAge" and then just plain "spirit" (as in spirituality) in the course of this one minute:

I've got to hand it to her - that's slick - and it'll slip right by the unsuspecting while sending a powerful message to the believers. I know, I know - Hillary claims to be a Methodist - but do you know of any other Methodists who engaged in seances to talk to the dead? Who are so in tune with religious teachings they stand by as their husband regularly bangs every girl in sight - some even accusing him of rape - and then (just like a relativistic NewAger) declares "There are worse things than infidelity"? (In a marriage? A marriage with a young daughter? Like what? Serial killer? Or was this militant "feminist" raising Chelsea to be an emotional doormat?) Where's these other Methodists who hand out bio-electric shields to ward off "bad energy"? Or who adopt the philosophy of cult leaders? Name one. Just one.


Listen, if Hillary's a Methodist, then the photo at the top right of this blog is of a white guy named "Slim". And, before anybody goes there, politicians don't make commercials where they just "say shit". That text was thought out, completely, before filming ever got started and Hillary Clinton knows exactly what she's doing. It's you, the unsuspecting voter and "spiritual" naif, who's the patsy.

I swear, I never thought I'd see the day where the American public is being played for such suckers. I thought we were smarter than this. But then, I, too, knew nothing about the occult until two years ago, so I shouldn't be surprised. I mean, the word "occult" doesn't mean "hidden" for nothing.

It's still a little shocking. Between Oprah's NewAge beliefs (The Secret) lining her cult up behind Obama's "Believe" campaign, and Hillary's Ken Wilber-influenced occult nonsense on the other, we're getting the full-court press of NewAge occultism in our politics this year - and the press, itself, is saying not one word about it as a factor in this election.

I have to admit, it's pretty humbling, considering I've been a news junkie (and political watcher) all of my life.

I really thought we were smarter than this.

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