Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Silly Conversation About Silly "Beliefs"

I found this video of Real Time With Bill Maher while reading stuff about Maher's new movie, and it typifies the insanity discussions about religion have today. Both Andrew Sullivan and Will.I.Am are New Agers claiming to be Christians (Sullivan, an Obama cultist, actually uses astrology to make real-world decisions, and Will.I.Am - another leading Obama cultist - starts yaking incoherently about "energy" in this clip) but Maher - who is into quackery himself - doesn't understand the parameters of NewAge enough to knowledgeably question them about the lunacy of what they're saying.

I especially like Sullivan's display of hurt and anger because Maher will talk about such things. It's the usual NewAge use of "feelings" to shut down any discussion that gets too close to revealing the insanity at the core of their "beliefs". I wish I could get on this show, because I'd really put a hurt on him. And Bill Maher, too, because, like all NewAgers, his focus is directed at the major religions only - like the fish not recognizing water, he knows nothing about the spiritual insanity he swims in.

There's nothing "real" going on there yet.

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