Tuesday, February 9, 2010

NewAge Takes Some Folks Longer Than Others

"[Bill Whittle’s] attacking a whole group association think-set. I had been an uber New Agey leftist for many years and his caricatured characterization is right on. He could have also put in adjectival terms such as 'homeopathic', 'Buddhistic', 'yoga posturing', Indigenous peoples loving’, or 'meditating'. Any of those fits the group although none on their own would be considered insulting — except for perhaps, homeopathic — if you don’t like invisible, non-existent medicines. There is definitely a personality grouping of the New Agey hip, cool, enlightened, pacifistic Earth warrior. I think that ignoring the hard core paganistic tendencies of the New Agey left is to be in denial."
-- mbabbitt, making the same point I did, years ago, but not catching the same hell for it - check the comments - as the great Bill Whittle enters my field of interest, Armed and Dangerous

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