Sunday, June 24, 2012

Out Of Sight/Out Of Mind (And Out Of Our Minds,...)

Even though I'm only catching them at a glance, I'm simply amazed at the number of great stories out there - by that, I mean, the number of great stories nobody's really covering. Easily, the biggest news today is Voyager 1 leaving our solar system, but I've barely seen or heard a peep about it in our so-called "media," with it's so-called "journalists," and all these bloggers hanging around. Voyager 1 is but one example of how TRULY uninformed, and stupid, we've become - here's another:

A billion people jabbering 24/7, most not saying or doing a damned thing worth knowing.

But I'm the bad guy.

Voyager 1 is possibly the biggest story of our lifetimes and - we get zip, nada, nothin'. 

And I know ultimately why:

Because "humanity's first emissary to interstellar space" has found no evidence of little green men, no sign of a Heaven, and certainly no God or gods. (BTW - no Mormon stars, either,...)

Report that - in detail so everyone understands what it means - and a lot of the "spiritual" gobbledegook these morons HAVE reported, as though it matters, goes up in smoke.

These NewAgers and religious nuts have always claimed that, if we found God or alien life or whatnot, it would change the way we see the planet and ourselves. Well, confirmation we're alone would do the exact same thing - including proving NewAgers are full of shit - but we can't have that, now can we? So everybody's hush-hush, keeping us fully up-to-date (but in the dark) as they fill the airwaves with what's REALLY IMPORTANT. Whatever is needed to stay sheep.

Because the people gotta know.

Yeah, yeah - what the people gotta know is this whole set-up stinks,….


  1. There is a very good reason for so little (or no) coverage on the Voyager. After saying it has left the solar system there is really nothing more to report. It is gone on... to a better place. Space is after all a whole lot of nothing. Sure there are countless stars but like Hollywood it is devoid of any intelligence.

  2. I was watching a program about Stephen Hawking...started making me think of an idea I got as a teenager: maybe the "divine being" is really just the laws of the universe -- which would make sense, as we are discovering them (in thanks to programs like Voyager) but still don't know everything (and perhaps never will, at least in an "our lifetime" sort of way).
    The catechism teachers used to love me and the Sullivan kids (who used to argue that maybe God is found in mathematics).
    Anyway, contemplating the wonders of the universe (on all levels) certainly beats obsessing over "finding oneself" or apocalyptic signs and wonders...imhao.

  3. God is everything that is and everything that is not. And, in the words of Slick Willie - it all depends on what the meaning of is is.

  4. I would be the first to claim that I don't know.

    In the meantime there are bigger, more personal things -- like making sure my tomaters survive this dry spell and running some coffee over to my neighbor whose house burnt down.