Friday, November 21, 2014

The Whites Over-looking Blacks To Feel O.K. Are Racist

- The Crack Emcee, yesterday, chatting up the racists at Althouse

Mary Elizabeth Williams, yesterday, explaining why I talk to people like I do on Althouse (including Ann)

- Sullivan High School principal Jennifer Schmidt, in Salon, explaining her first thoughts when her white students used blackface for a school performance

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Racism: It's Everywhere You Look (If You Dare 2 Look)

You've got to have eyes to "see"

Poor white people: if there's a disaster, TMR regains it's footing:

Quick, white people - create more of your "comforting" visions:

I need all the "help" I can get,...

2 White Journalists Discuss The 1st Black President - But Have No Language To Actually Talk About His Race

We don't even THINK about race!

Chuck Todd's book also could've been called "The Other":

Or worse....

The Dotsies Get Their Own Show About Destroying SF

I love that the black girl is the only one used for sex, and even has her place taken over, against her will:

It's just like real life - except that's more blacks than in tech,....

3 White Suburban Grandmothers Smoke Pot 4 The First Time & Discover What Their Lives Have Been Missing

"Oh, this could be dangerously fun,..."

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bill Cosby And A Great And Glorious Culture Of Crap

Ta-Nehisi Coates takes us - himself included - to the woodshed:

That's America.

But, if not pudding-pop commercials and popular TV shows, what are we supposed to base our beliefs on?

That sounds crazy, but it's better than ebola treatment, right?

That's the second time Spanish Fly has come up this week - are we going back in time?

As she should've, my friends, as she should've - and it's all as respectable as it can get,...

Ann Althouse Is A White Lady Who Can Say Crazy Shit

Ethically, white privilege HAS to be a nice thing to have, as a blogger

I don't know why - maybe it's because she's white and living in a white culture - but, clearly, no one demands she actually think:

Sure, lady, sure. That was the first thing Columbus noticed about the natives - and whites learned about blacks - when they got 'em:

How many lies everybody else's culture has embedded in it.

Call the rest of us when whites are ready to admit theirs...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

White NewAge Bullshit Has Broken Some Black People

The Kids Of Cult World

- Jaden Smith, 16, son of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

If You're Black And Conservatives Like You: Looks Bad

This would look bad, anyway - without Bill's white conservative supporters - but with them? He'll be lucky if he's got any black fans left soon, because - when it comes to their mutual insistence on respectability politics - this episode can prove exactly why most blacks don't have a feel for it: whites are saying a person, or a situation, can be as unethical as can be, but - like Captain Phillips - it'll be "all good" if you put a happy face on the ugly lie. You know:

Like whites have done, pretty much, with all of American history,...

It All Depends (On How You See What Others Can't)

Being "ahead of the curve" on quackery means it can take years for my documented concerns to reach the general public:

Then again, being behind the curve could've meant I'd be dead,...