Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Problem With America Is It Never Wanted To Exist

The fact is, for blacks, America's been one gigantic rip-off on terror. And, if there's nothing to be done about it, that's because whites don't want to do anything about it.

And - despite white's bullshit stories of ancient glory - such cruelty, between people raised together, is simply no basis for a country,...

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New America Will Be Better Than Before For White Guys

John McCain can't lift his arms, after being tortured in war, but that doesn't mean he still didn't always want to do The Robot: 

TMR's glad we're getting to a place where a guy who defended our freedom, could finally enjoy expressing his own,...

Monday, August 18, 2014

Allen West Has Decided To Destroy His Political Career

The military gave him the wing and he just added the nut

So, another of the few blacks chosen - by 9-11 Truther, Tea Party, and "colorblind" racists alike - as "much more intelligent" than the rest of us, commits hari-kari using a falafel:

And we all thank him for it. Look, if that horrible book photo didn't end his political career, then he needed to do this, because *something* had to - he and that stupid motorcycle helmet are as useless to blacks, today, as Booker T. Washington before him. 

That said, as we bid his crazy ass farewell from serious political discussion, TMR will give Allen West this much: 

Unlike Thomas Sowell, who is too smart - but just like crazy Alan Keyes - while he lasted, he was a fine representative of white's interests,...

New America Will Be Better Than Before For White Guys

I can think of one in particular,...

Michael Brown Game Changer: "Irrelevant" (John Oliver)

Sometimes it takes an outsider to see what we can't

Just as TMR said yesterday, Last Week Tonight's John Oliver weighed in, also declaring the Ferguson Police Dept.'s "game changer" of a convenience store video, showing Michael Brown stealing cigars, an attempt to "distract everyone" from the issues THEY face. They're delusional. A fact that was obvious to anyone not trying to maintain white supremacy. White Americans were desperately grasping at straws, and calling it a win, hoping the power of their advocacy - alone - could still work the old magic. It is not to be.

White supremacy's dying.

White Americans - unlike blacks and the English - have limited memory and short attention spans.

But, what's great to TMR, is Oliver's pointing out "there is no practical reason" for some of the horrible and deadly ideas, and behaviors, that have become common practice for white Americans - in places where blacks can even hardly be found. White conservatives loudly complain of waste while supporting blowing billions, here at home, that serves no purpose but to terrorize us. 

They're also violently against reparations to blacks for having done so. 

How TMR sees Mary Katharine Ham

And then they ask for our support.

How TMR sees Megyn "Jesus Was White" Kelly


Making us compete with dogs and pigs, was one way whites fed blacks, during slavery

Oh, and Oliver also shows the CNN footage (that TMR also linked to) of a white Ferguson police officer trying to instigate a fight, by calling blacks "animals."

TMR could've put a Nazi photo here, but didn't, so "compassionate conservatism."

That's after Oliver says the footage shows the root of America's problem.

White Supremacy fights on

And THAT, as the English say, was about as spot-the-fuck-on as he could get,....

Sunday, August 17, 2014

White's "Game Changer"? Attempt A Monopoly On Truth

Gee, if you'd have been listening to Rap in '91, you would've known this stuff already

This is becoming sad. No, not that Michael Brown's mediated biography is turning into The Wrong Nigga To Fuck Wit - a role (you might notice above) blacks don't find unsympathetic - but that whites think criminality makes Brown's death at the hands of a police officer "a game changer." (They need the game to change so bad!

Bowie told white people, and white people love them some Bowie

They don't get it, naturally, because (like with Benghazi) they're trying to defend against shadows and not cope with reality as blacks usually must. Here's one thing they ought to know by now:


Where's that need for change being placed? 

So, let's try this again (second time today):

Henry Davis, 52, was mistakenly arrested in Ferguson, Missouri, and, after the police realized it, they beat him up and charged him with destruction of property for bleeding on their uniforms.

Since there's no blacks to stop them - and this is an old American story - let's call this "white ethics in action" and please record blacks have no respect what-so-ever for them. Thank you.

Fear of white authority - and any love for it - was pretty much wiped out of blacks during slavery

Why has the "game" of white supremacy never demanded change from whites, white people? Why have whites never searched long and hard for the answer to eliminating it - as a crime - as they are for finding criminal intent in blacks? Where is the urgency? Whites know the answers, the sly dogs. Here's a hint:

"It's a beautiful day, isn't it?"

That statement - alone - is all it takes to allow most whites to let other Americans suffer. (Who has the time?) 

Here's another game changer:

It's a mistake to think blacks are wrong not to be docile - whites are wrong to expect it

“When I was 18, I knew there were times when I was driving in my car and had to turn around. It needs to change. It’s gotta change today.”

- Ron JohnsonCaptain, The Missouri Highway Patrol

Bloodstone: English blacks singing about American police oppression over 40 years ago

Somehow, TMR doesn't think this is exactly what whites have in mind,...

Ta-Nahisi Coates On Ferguson, Missouri: Verser Un Peu de Sauce Blanche Sur Elle et L'appeler Une Délicatesse

How many blacks, no white will hire, are worth millions - needing only investment and a few years? 

The Atlantic's Mr. Coates is apparently back from his french lessons - and hopefully saying "noir" more than they do:

I had a dream - but I forgot it after talking different

Nah, he's saying "black" - as always - which is easy to understand: 

Is any of this really necessary - or respectable?

TMR's own training in wee-wee, poo-poo, lah-lah, coo-coo, cah-cah - whatever - just made a nigga sound pervy, ancient, juvenile, and obsessed with bathroom functions:

No Western country - without standardized toilets - is to be trusted or believed

Getting trapped into eating at the same hours they do, too, maybe had something to do with it,...


Land of the wha? (And the home of the brave "a nation of cowards") 

So, looking at the artwork going around (above) whites have figured out one way to give blacks what we want. TMR would prefer reparations and backing-the-fuck-up-off-me but knows, whites never part with what they steal (including us) so, "no go" there. Here's another guy who almost finally got outside their reach - after they reached him, of course:

Black guys and their bald heads - it needs to stop!

 Of course, whites missed this 2009 injustice, because who was going to win American Idol was of the utmost importance, and anyone who was so shallow as to mention the country's outrageous racial problems, then, was a nationally uncool party pooper who just wanted to talk about "serious shit," but didn't know what was really going on, right, white people?  It's only been that way, on and off, for the last 400 years. No big deal, right? 

America's been great under your leadership.

Clowns to the Left of me, jokers to the Right,...

Speaking of which, TMR thinks Salon is right - the Kenyan still has enough time to kill an elephant and prove he's a man. Here's hoping he does, and sooner rather than later: 

Whites seem to have their hearts set on meeting one,...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Missouri Blacks Stand UP: The Police Stop Killing Us!!!

You ever notice, when blacks are in the majority, whites really listen?

The Crack Emcee's Poison Opera: RAISE YOUR GAME

An early demo of The Crack Emcee's semi-autobiographical "Poison Opera," RAISE YOUR GAME.

Another unmastered drop but, this time, more than one track so context can be added. (Put the volume at 3/4 for unexpected volume changes and use headphones, or a stereo, for bass - laptop speakers won't work.) Not all of these beats are going to make the cut, of course, but not to worry - there's still about another 20-25 waiting to be taken seriously. 

RAISE YOUR GAME's working titles: 

 1. Darling, It's Been Raining - (Julie Blu & Juju Beats Remix) 
 2. Freeloader - w/Tim Hilton 
 3. Welcome To Cult World (Interlude) 
 4. Re-awakening - Who Are You? (Interlude) 
 5. Escapee (Interlude) 
 6. One-Man Bee Hive - Be Here Now (From Degrading Discussions With Children And The Ghosts Of Slaves) 
 7. Back To Life (My Subterranean Culture) 
 8. Street Deals 
 9. I Got It 
 10. My People, My People 
 11. When It Rains It Pours 
 12. Who Don't See Color? (Interlude) 
 13. Sugar Free (For Ann Althouse and Titus) 
 14. The Great Migration To
 15. Oregon (Rain & Racism)
 16. I Am The Rock 
 17. Closer

 Donations to help finish RAISE YOUR GAME are welcome.

TMR so far? This will be a pretty good record,...

Friday, August 15, 2014

From Misery To Missouri: What A Difference Love Makes

How racist white cowards feel most comfortable around blacks - and why we laugh at them

Missouri's governor got smart yesterday, and changed Ferguson's law enforcement - eliminating the racist local police and bringing in The Highway Patrol - which is now led by a black former Ferguson resident, Captain Ron Johnson. 

This was unexpected and unremarkable.

The results have been, both, expected and remarkable:

Some people simply have no right to handle "animals"

As if by magic - by putting someone in charge who loves black people - last night's "animals" have been transformed back into Missouri residents, and American citizens.

Anybody can get cooperation, but how?

Funny, how easily that happened, huh? 

Sigh. Is it really the "black" media that will turn your head?

TMR thinks it's a sign - that whites are missing something.


For instance, consider Matt Drudge, still trying to whip up white resentment with a photo of Michael Brown flipping the bird. 

Nice crowd you got there, white folks, wonder why you don't like them black?

Drudge knows America's murderous history, and it's white's sociopathic culture, AND that blacks are watching him, too. 

Libertarians don't want government interference, even for blacks - including reparations - while expecting our vote (Insanity) 

But, like another TMR favorite of the Right - Glenn Reynolds AKA Instapundit - black eyes are just more "race-hustling" inspiration to pursue excellence (in their ongoing portrayal of whites as evil monsters) as though that view of them needed any help at this point.

How bad is the white image, that it's seen as horrible, without the aid of propaganda?

Drudge simply upped-the-ante because, when a photo of Brown flashing a peace sign went around, the white racists decided to portray him - two days away from entering college - as a gangsta. 

Pass it around - history repeats

What else do debunked racists do for money?

White America HATES this guy for this

Hit 'em with the Johnny Cash!

Like Tucker Carlson, a bow-tie is always a good indicator of a racist, straight from America's past

To TMR, his latest framing of a black American is just another clear indication that it's about time for Matt Drudge, and  The Drudge Report - and the heinous, racist, white readership he provokes - to get the fuck out of Dodge

Black America has seen all of this before

Reporting's "Why?" should be obvious:

Some whites are still delusional and lashing out

White supremacy's most certainly over - and so, uh, like, duh:

TMR is sure blacks will be bawling their eyes out when Drudge passes as well

That goes for the yellow journalism it depended on, too, Dummies,...

Thursday, August 14, 2014

CNN Gets The Real Story: Joe Scarborough Is Clueless

"I invite him to come down to Ferguson, and get out of 30 Rock where he's sipping his Starbucks™, smugly,..."

Get The Impression There's No Plan For Getting Along?

Whites know what to expect - because they know how they treat us

Blacks have always had to fight for the recognition of our humanity in America - and against incredible odds:

What kind of "police force" does this? What kind of "country" allows this? One thats "roots" began, like South Africa's, with keeping blacks in slavery, and submissive to violent whites, naturally. 
American blacks know this:

It seems to be pretty important for whites, to keep slavery's context out of the story, after a cop was busted by CNN calling us "animals."

Because, if they didn't keep the context out, they'd have to admit the obvious:

American "law enforcement," seeing black citizens as "animals," is too-short a step - in both time AND culture - from it's historic "niggerbreaker's" regarding us as "furniture" again,...