Monday, November 25, 2019

When "Irony" Means You're Dead

The inventor of the Nerf football was a kicker for the Vikings who became a chiropractor.

He was being treated for a sore leg - which is precisely what NERF footballs were invented to prevent.

No Reasoning: Crack Is Back

You read it. She said it. Give credit. Let's go:

Facebook canceled me - temporarily, I think - but I'm making it permanent. The whole idea of an unseen cult member, thinking I'm beyond the pale, is enough for me to say that's *maybe* not the best platform. YMMV.

I mostly used Facebook to comment on current events, and I can do that here, so who needs it? All I have to wonder, now, is if anybody else, beyond friends, can handle me - and in long form?

Like, I said "cult member" (in this case) because "Facebook" seems to be home to virtue-signaling wannabe fascists (both behind the scenes and a lot of the users). Sorry, but there it is, in my own words. Is that too much? For Facebook, definitely. But not for The Macho Response. That's plain English.

Started back around 2005 (not 2007 as the archives indicate) this blog has covered a lot of topics that have found resonance in the era we're living through now, cultism being the most obvious. There's even a tag for it. So I say cultists. There's no reasoning with cultists, as evidenced by how Facebook cancels users - without explanation.

As I said, I've been hip to their game, for a long time. I've actually been intimate with every major progressive cult idea long before they became part of the larger culture - #MeToo's cries of "Believe Me!" or the Democrat Party's love for bogus "spiritual" mediums like Marianne Williamson - so my fun, today, is mostly in getting to watch the rest of you endure it, in my experience's wake.

Needless today, "STOP" is still not in the left's vocabulary, as it is the right's (It was William F. Buckley, Jr. who famously said a conservative stands athwart history yelling 'stop') so they will continue on - fired up and ready to go! - towards the political cliff that's inevitably waiting for them, blinded by their own narcissism.

It's fitting, and less regretable by the day, as everything - today - seems to be. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Self Reality Check

Intelligent Black American is a hopeless title to hold. If you don't think like Thomas Sowell, conservatives won't give you the time of day. And, if you don't want to be Malcolm X, liberals won't either. This reduces you to a target for the pleasure of both camps. And they're both illegitimate for it.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Weirdness Known As The Macho Response Is Moving (Off The Beaten Track)

The Macho Response is now blogging for our chronicle of NewAge cultism, The Coal Train, and so - after 3 million visits here - all further updates will be there. 

Thank you,

The Crack Emcee

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Blinded By The Light

Instead of saying "If You Watched This Elizabeth Holmes TED Talk From 2014, It Was Clear She Was a Fraud From Day One." they could have said "This was before Trump, and anyone - with common sense - could see it from a mile away":
"She used plenty of interesting factoids. She said words like engagement, knowledge, and access. She shifted to a personal story. She lulled us, she calmed us. She talked about things we care about. That are quite serious.

And yet, we were not really listening.

She never really said anything about the science.

Or the tests.

Or the clinics.

Or anything concrete.

She mentioned a few notes here and there about blood tests and fingers. The word nanotainer should have been like a neon sign to all of us, a blinking light at an adult book store eliciting scrutiny and skepticism. Really? Nanotainer? You might as well use the phrase Theranos wellness center. (Wait, she did use that phrase.) 
Words matter. 
But not back then.

Whenever the public's ready to blame itself, I'm ready for their apologies. Promise.

Jordan Peterson vs Peter Jordanson


Seeing karma in action leaves the U.S. cold. It leaves China that way, too.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Is Beyonce A Witch?

Normally, I wouldn't even trip on this article, but I am because, right before I saw it, I had just been turned on to this interview with Fat Joe (below) who had some pretty creepy things to say about the Queen Bey's posse, which ain't like him to do, so....I don't know. That "illuminati" chatter has always followed Jay-Z around, but, maybe, it was Bey who bought into it. Go to 16:20 and see what you think:

 I know it's not much, but it's enough to make me wonder.

Is This The Face Of A People On Some NewAge Search For How To Be "Happy"?

Pharmacists In Germany And The UK Agree: Homeopathy Is A Load Of Bollocks

Well, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s verdict on homeopathy has come to town, and it's almost identical to the Krauts', so we can only conclude one thing:

If you've ever licked a homeopath's balls, you couldn't aim lower.

Unless, of course, you worked at GOOP...