Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Everyone MUST Love The NewAge Nazi Lifestyle Of Austin, Texas - OR ELSE!

This is rich: 

I know the feeling all too well. I know Austin because of SXSW and my former friend, Justine Gilcrease, opening a funky little French restaurant there, Justine's Brasserie.
The last time I was there, she'd hired me as a DJ, but told everyone I was a Republican before I arrived, so I had a gaggle of NewAge Nazi bitches following me around wherever I went, screaming "What about my reproductive rights?" and other nonsense for days on end. Justine acted like that was no big deal. It was a very big deal, and ruined my trip, right from the start. I spent almost my entire visit confused, by Justine, and depressed by everyone else. That was in 2013, so I can only imagine how much worse they've gotten.
At one point Justine forced me to endure over an hour long drive, alone, with a crazy black girl - who Justine knew was insane - just because we both were black and nobody else wanted to ride with her - like I would want to. Is that how "friends" treat visiting guests?
There was also Justine's stupid and dangerous friend, who wanted to use homeopathic medicines on Justine's newborn - which I immediately rejected - only to get into an argument with the stupid bitches over it. Again - Justine defended her (new) friends because they're women and "so smart". That made sure my visit ended with an "ouch" as well. Our friendship's never recovered.
Keep in mind, I've known Justine since she was 16, and dating white supremacist speed dealers who wouldn't allow her to speak to me (She and I only became friends because I didn't care what no white supremacists thought - it's not like SHE was gonna say anything, sitting there in her underwear, with pornos playing constantly on the TV: She was practically a cult member at that point). I have seen Justine spiral through boyfriends, naked countless times - witnessed her having sex on pool tables and elsewhere - I even told her to open the restaurant here, instead of in France, but she didn't listen me until after she had to discover the truth for herself). But, now, I - and some of her other close friends - are chopped liver, since she moved to rooty-tooty Austin, Texas and became somebody with Daddy's money. That place DOES seem to do something weird to people. Plus - even if you're 100% correct - you can NEVER win an argument with a rich bitch once the money and power's gone to their heads. Nor make them care, or apologize, or anything. They're rich. They can brush off all criticisms - and do. That's what "friends" are for.

Her husband, Pierre's, still alright - for a French guy.

But the so-called "douche" in the story, above, is right: the heat in Austin is muggy and stifling (I always wanted another shower 30 minutes after I went outside) and Austin's one of those "Keep ________ weird" places, so everyone (and everything) is always trying to out-radical each other, constantly. I'm from LA and San Francisco - Hell, I'm The Crack Emcee - that shit gets old fast.
As I said, the people were rude - and stupid - judging, and attacking me, on the flimsiest of information. A lot of self-flattery, and cultish feminism going on. Speakeasy's filled with freaks who think they're special for being awake at 4AM (who ain't?)
So I, too, was glad to leave. I can still remember laughing hysterically as I drove away, knowing I'd never return to what can only be described as yet another vision of a NewAge Nazi Hell - courtesy of my "friends" who (I'm 100% positive) voted to elect Joe Biden, after he wrongly locked up niggas for the last 26 years. That's EXACTLY how "woke" they are. Austin's about as politically sophisticated as an armadillo.
Ladybird's flowers are still beautiful, though.

Juan Williams: Trying To Sound Reasonable (When He's Nothing Of The Kind)

That's Juan Williams, who - like all the journalists of the left - seems to forget A) what the Democrat's consider "normal" is what produced President Trump B) normalcy ended Election Night 2016 after Rachel Maddow declared we're in "Hell" (an unprofessionalism she was never punished for) and C) the last four years of "Russian Collusion" lies, and "political hatred and violent extremism" was all from "Trump Haters", and directed at the President and his supporters.
Everyone wanted them "going away" - and Juan's stupid ass with them.

4 Effective Strategies For Handling The NewAge Nazi Cultist (In Everyday Life)


1) Treat the spiritual like they're stupid.


2) Treat conspiracy theorists like they're beyond the pale.


3) Treat cult members like they've been manipulated.


 4) Treat Quack Doctors like they're criminals.

Before We Can Fix The Problem, First, We Have To RECOGNIZE The Problem


Brilliant people, like Neil Degrasse Tyson exist.
But the morons at CNN give us Don Lemon - and idiots feel informed.


Brilliant people, like Michio Kaku exist.
But the morons at CNN give us Chris Cuomo - and idiots feel informed.

Michio Kaku Understands Oprah Winfrey's Popularity


 Nations - that get into science - also get rich. But, it's after nations are rich, that they forget - it was science that made them that way.

When The Democrats "Screw The Pooch" They Really Do "Screw The Pooch"


"In Washington, Russia was all we talked about, for three years." 

 And now, after three years straight, of every member of the NewAge Nazi party lying - from political figures to the male or female voter on the streetthe pathetically deceitful members of The Democrat Party act like it's weird, that nobody's gonna trust them, anymore.

Calling Trump A "Liar" - When You're In Hillary Clinton's Party - Is Hypocrisy 101


This decades-long collection of bald-faced lies is what her supporters mean, when they say, "after all she's done for us" she deserves the White House - when, they know, Hillary Clinton has never done anything, for anyone else, in her entire life. And, they probably haven't, either.

Genius: An Extremely Intelligent Person (That Stupid People Avoid Like COVID)

Geniuses tell the truth. But few follow their example.
That's because most people are stupid. And stupid people want to be popular - to make friends - which prohibits being honest.
The stupid can't grasp that friends are NOT why geniuses tell the truth.
Geniuses tell the truth to expose our enemies.

All those stupid occult liars, skulking 'round us, in the dark. 

"Oh Look, Here's Another One Of Oprah Winfrey's 'Lightworker' Douchebags"***

***What Democrat voters would've said in 2008 - if they were honest, informed, intelligent, and not so concerned with race they couldn't think straight about Oprah Winfrey's long relationship with con artists.

3/4 Of Movies Become Off-Limits (Once You Understand Who's Making Them)

Question: Why do I regularly see articles in the media saying "The Anti-Vaxxer Playbook to Destroy Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines" (making it look like a rightwing thing) but rarely see articles saying the "Anti-Vaxxers" in question are all Hollywood celebrities and Trump Haters like Jim Carrey, and Robert de Niro, with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and a whole boatload of other Democrats? And why aren't they being investigated, and interrogated, for spreading dangerous misinformation?

Why, it's enough to make a man think the media, the Democrats, and even Hollywood, are just damned dishonest,...