Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jon Stewart Explains Ann Althouse's Crazy Ebola Panic

"What is wrong with you people?"

More Evidence Of How Very Uncool White People Are

The Althouse racists were recently claiming white folks were cool:

Then there's the real world,...

Stokely Carmichael Was Right: White Society's Fucked

American blacks have no chance for a "normal" life under the white gaze

We Are Respectable Negroes' Chauncey DeVega is making a list of things whites can do that blacks cannot, as supposedly-full American citizens, in 2014. His latest addition? Making a citizen's arrest of a police officer without getting shot. Why DeVega is doing so puzzles me - it's not like white people care how racist they are. They revel in it.

This is no accident, and couldn't happen for decades unless white Americans specifically wanted it so - it is the outright theft, and an open injustice, that undergirds and asserts white's racism and white's conception of "society," which is so ingrained as a long-standing source of white power, they are 100% positive there's nothing blacks can do about it. So they openly rejoice, just as their racist ancestors planned. 

Which raises an interesting question, regarding the news that Michael Brown struggled with the police officer in Ferguson, Missouri:

Why should Michael Brown - or any other black person - respect whites, their so-called laws, or those who defend them, when we know their entire system is, has been, and will be rigged against us?

The answer's "news" only to blacks, and only a subset at that:

Because the racist bastards will destroy anyone who doesn't,...

White Americans Start To Give The Nazis A Good Name

Nazi Germany only lasted for 12 years

Living under the white gaze is a horrible experience, these tasteless arbiters of everything. They have a billion ways at their disposal of getting at blacks, each requiring nothing more than deciding that's what they want to do, and setting the wheels in motion. 

The white gaze is all-powerful, as there's no recourse against it, and it's holder's credibility can never be questioned. There's no justice as long as they're alive. Why think otherwise? They walk away from what they've done - and do. 

 I know who I'm dealing with. You'd be smart to do the same,...

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I've Said It Before: Scott Walker's Racism Has Always Manifested In The People He Has Gathered Around Him

White women are slow to appreciate their role in white supremacy's cruelty - but they're there

- Ann Althouse, Wisconsin's newfound fan of the racist Scott Walker - AND Obama's stupidest attack dog - idiotically foisting white feminist theory on a black woman for helping black men.

“When [the slave trader's] wife sees Eliza weeping desperately at the loss of her children, she pities her, and says, ‘Have some food and rest. Your children will soon be forgotten.’ It doesn't seem to occur to her that slaves might love their children as much as white people.”
Althouse's vision of black life, between adults, is just as skewed,...

The Man Who Said Republicans Have To Stop Being "The Stupid Party" Does Something Really Stupid

Bobby Jindal is ultimately proven too dumb to follow his own advice,...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

America Paid Nazi Concentration Camp Guards' Benefits But Refuses Reparations For Black Americans

Cliven Bundy isn't the only one who "wonders" things in America

Of all the douchebags who appear in ”The Whiteness Project,” my favorite gets to tell the world, “A lot of white boys aren’t going to be pushed around," before we learn this about America and Social Security - and exactly what he means:

Who America considers a problem is always dangerously entertaining

This is the same formally-all-white government that can't see itself paying blacks for slavery, Jim Crow, and all the rest. The same government that allows black's lives, even today, to be Hell:
"A pivotal requirement of my childhood education was to learn the language of racism, rendered explicit through the signs posted above water fountains, on toilets, inside buses, on dressing rooms. Learning to read and write thus involved the acquisition of an extensive familiarity with the protocols of racism during the pre–civil rights era. This was, in part, enabled by the fact that my elementary and high schools were a part of what was called the Negro School System. The home my parents purchased was located on the border of a neighborhood zoned for black people. Local laws prohibited us from crossing the street in front of our house, for we might be legally charged with trespassing into the white zone."

Not a protest for anything

BTW - a bunch of crazed, drunken, and totally-not-oppressed white boys rioted this weekend, terrifying the locals in the white zone of New Hampshire.
“They started yelling directly at my daughter, and when they saw she was crying, they started to do it more,” [Stephanie] Konopka said. “They put their faces in the window and made these horrible faces and screamed these terrible things at her. And I was helpless, I couldn’t get to her. I was just trapped in the car. I couldn’t open the door, I couldn’t move the car. And then they started taking off their shirts and pushing themselves into the windows. At that point she was just beyond consoling.”

Nazi countries pay Nazi's benefits

Sounds a lot like the Nazis were allowed to come here and spread their seed - and produced some Hitler Youth - to me,...

Conservative Think Tanks Don't Seem To Get Very Far