Friday, July 3, 2020

The Crack Emcee's First Spotify Playlist

Monday, June 8, 2020

When They See Us (They're Going To Be So Surprised)

Oprah Winfrey Executive-Produced the Ava DuVernay film When They See Us, and it's been cited as a reason people want to riot - it's also available, free, on Netflix for your "education".

That's a lot of powerful forces at work - to spread a lie - in a sea of voices, claiming they're actively looking for anyone involved in misinformation now.

That's because NewAgers layer their lying, in such a way, it has to be unraveled to be laid bare AKA the tools of the occult

Friday, May 29, 2020

"Particularly African American Men"

Imagine being born into a social situation, so dire, anyone's advocacy - on your behalf - is more powerful than your own. 

Wants Vs. Needs

Hot Air has this strange headline, that bothers me, "Grenell Vs Swalwell: The Twitter Slapfight You Didn’t Know You Needed". It bothers me because I don't need a "Twitter Slapfight" (that's probably the last thing I'll ever "need"): what I need is to see some integrity put back into the American system of justice, and Swalwell put in prison, for being a public servant who abused his position to deliberately lie to the American people. 

Anyone happy with a "Twitter Slapfight" is on a whole other team.

Van Jones Has A Revelation About The NewAge Nazi Crowd (I Warned Him)

"It’s not the racist person in the KKK that we have to worry about. It’s the white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter walking her dog in Central Park."

Karma Is Real

The 1996 George Carlin bit is evidence of how old NewAge Nazi corruption is. He starts off discussing the emergence of Self-Help books, but, inevitably, winds up on Boomers

"It's in their slogans, it's in their rhetoric: 'No Pain/No Gain', 'Just Do It', 'Life Is Short, Play Hard', 'Shit Happens, Deal With it', 'Get A Life' - these people went from 'Do Your Own Thing' to 'Just Say 'No' - they went from "Love Is All You Need' to 'Whoever Winds Up With The Most Toys Wins'". 

NewAgers flew past "All You Need Is Love" to "What's Love Got To Do With It?" to graduation as full-fledged Trump HATERS.

What Are You Afraid Of? The Left Are DEFENDERS Of Science

"We're in the hospitals - we're getting legit - you'd better 'get it' before it's too late!!!"

"I was newly pregnant with twins. He said, 'Where are you giving birth?' He followed that up with 'I know all the doctors in all the hospitals, so it doesn't matter. If you don't tell me, I'll find out. If I don't like this piece, I'm going to have a witch doctor place a curse on your unborn children."

Coming Soon: My Utah Car

Here's the link to "My Utah Car", which is one of my latest tracks to emerge from the lockdown. It'll be out in about a month; soon to be available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.