Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Jordan Davis' Killer, Michael Dunn, Is Found GUILTY!!!

We'll miss you

Happy Birthday, Baby Boy - and damn them all to Hell: 

Cry, for yourself, you pathetic white child-killing bitch

Instead, this asshole got a guilty verdict - which will have to do:

Next up will be Darren Wilson, who shot Mike Brown, and Daniel Pantaleo who choked Eric Garner to death.

Damn them. Damn them all to Hell,....

I Am Going To Live Forever (Pessimism Study Results)

No, Obama Doesn't Face Racism In America (No Way!)

He's treated exactly the same as any other president,...

Sarah Palin: They Scream 'Racism' - Well Don't Retreat!

That's right, white America - stay racists to spite the blacks:

That's the perfect way to change your image.

And continue to lose elections,....

Conservatives Give Killers Big Money (Not The Poor,...)

Oh BOY, being a poor guy running a blog that lives by donations, do I know this scene well - big bite quote ahead: 

It was kind of true. But Hannity, himself, did not shell out. He got a bunch of other people to pony up. On his nightly TV show, the Fox News man would furrow his brow and rant about what would become of America if we lost the right to shoot and kill people who scare us. Then Hannity would, helpfully, mention TheRealGeorge, a website that the real George Zimmerman had set up after he shot Trayvon Martin to death. The site, helpfully, accepted PayPal. Nearly half a million dollars double-clicked right in,....

...Of course, not every accused felon can get Sean Hannity as his personal cheerleader/rainmaker,...MaryJane, in Lansing, Michigan, is apparently fighting criminal cannabis growing charges. She says she needs weed because she has Lupus. She posts a photo of herself out-and-proud wearing a marijuana leaf necklace. She has raised $1,450. Gordon Smith, of Delmar, Delaware says that he has been falsely accused of domestic violence 24 times. He offers a video – “False Allegation Awareness: The Gordon Smith Story” – and he has raised $290. Darren Wilson, of St Charles, Missouri, has done a lot better. He has raised $433,000 ... because maybe some day he’ll be charged with something.

Wilson, of course, is the police officer who shot to death 18-year-old Michael Brown Jr, whose own family’s GoFundMe site has raised $339,000. As officer Wilson’s (currently inactive) fundraising sites promised: “All proceeds will be sent directly to Darren Wilson and his family for any financial needs they may have including legal fees.”

Yep - as long as I went along with the folks who revealed themselves to be racists, some money rolled in. But - as soon as I called them on it - that shit dried up so fast, it might as well have never occurred. (I've been essentially homeless, for months, but do they care? Nope. They've told me to die - directly - for disagreeing, which is all I need to know to further judge them, and their politics,...) Meanwhile, I watch the Zimmerman's and the Wilson's raking in millions overnight - along with the politicians everyone (supposedly) hates or distrusts.

And they still wonder why I, and others like me, say - as Americans -  they're cruel and their priorities are all wrong,...

The Crack Emcee's Facebook Meme Machine Postings

A New Candidate For Scott Walker's Office Staff Is Free

Remember when the sign said "I Am A Man"? It had to be revised for "colorblind" whites 

It's so predictable, I'm shocked I didn't predict it: 

But there's no problem out there with law enforcement - or racism - that anyone white has to be concerned about: 

These guys are only out for everyone else - innocent or not,...

The Results Of White Supremacy Are Amazingly Bad

This is Iggy Azalea and Macklemore, currently being touted as the queen and (since the Grammy's) king of Rap, for no other reason than whites want it that way. 

Or did you think it was based on talent?

Racism in America's becoming slippery - taking many forms.

And the credit others deserve,....

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Whites Should Think Twice Before Demanding Blacks Like Them (Since There's No Love In Demands)

"I have to do what? And why and for who again?" 

 After all the evil whites have been committing against blacks for centuries, this cracked me up - especially because "liking white people" is the mental threat whites openly use for employment - which is why they don't hire many blacks. Whites attempt to wish (or demand) their long-standing historical assholishness out of our minds: 

Maybe now whites will finally stop thinking it's their job to try and tell those they oppress how to feel about it,...

Reza Aslan Calls American Debate Stupid & He's Right

 It's good to see every white's favorite black, Don Lemon, in there - bringing up the ignorant rear: 

Look at the confusion, and frustration, on his and the white lady's faces when Reza mentions that Saudi Arabia has beheaded more people than ISIS and we say and do nothing.

 They might as well be debating race in America,...