Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Cancer, Cultists, And The Cultural Creep

"Word on the street (well, not the street, perhaps, but definitely in the virtual philosophical circles I hang out in) is that Jennifer Aniston has agreed to star in the film adaptation of Grace and Grit, the true story about the life, struggle with cancer, and death of philosopher Ken Wilber's wife Treya. According to Ken Wilber's blog, Aniston's producing partner, Kristin Hahn, took a copy of the book to a meeting a while back, and Jen got all excited and said, 'I know that book, what are you doing with that book?' Seems Aniston and ex-hubby Brad Pitt used to read the book to each other back in the day,..."

-- Kim Voynar, in a 2006 story, on Cinematical.

I just found this by accident, but, like roaches, it seems I can't turn over any rock without finding cultists under it. And it's got a lot of what's becoming the usual cultural markers: Hollywood, cancer, cult leaders and followers, their mutual desire to spread the cult leader's message into the mainstream, etc. Brad Pitt's feminisation - and the various stupid "save the planet" crusades that he's been on - make perfect sense now, as well as his romantic betrayal of Aniston, and her own reported problems with finding someone new (everyone, especially most men, ain't nutty enough to buy into this nonsense.)

We're just surrounded by these weak-minded loons who are determined to steer the direction of society on the rest of us. I'd think their personal problems would be enough to give them pause - as examples of why this stuff doesn't actually work - but I guess, as Cindy Lauper sang, "money changes everything".

Like whether you recognize you're a nutter.


  1. Gosh, there is a great deal of worthwhile material above!

  2. Seems Brad is going thru his own grace and grit now.