Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clarence Thomas Heard Talking About Race Before 2003

I know why conservatives accepted Thomas's claim there was no talk of race during Jim Crow - it's comforting - but their critical thinking skills should've still kicked in and told them it was impossible. Here's Thomas 11 years ago, to the other justices, sounding like me or Obama:

When whites twist this narrative, blacks get antsy, and Republicans - especially - should be ashamed for claiming to have been in the trenches before, yet trying to push lies about our country on us today. Lies also about ourselves. You should stop these lies even when a black person tells them. Make a coherent narrative. Like, to keep pretending this all occurred a long time ago, as opposed to it began a long time a go, and only (maybe) ended recently? 

Such a ploy's not helpful.

It's obviously a lie - and truly unworthy of Americans,…

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