Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Thomas Jefferson-Didn't-Know-Slavery's-Wrong Issue

Two guys who are not big fans of the facts - just chatting away.
Adam Corolla's mutterings remind me that America was founded by Thomas Jefferson, the man who wrote "All Men Are Created Equal" while owning slaves. Corolla speaks of himself (not the government) "giving" money to people who, he full well knows, are expecting money to be returned - and he's smart enough to know these are not the same thing. Corolla is really seeing himself as a white elitist, dispensing charity, rather than just a white guy who's incapable of grasping the truth:

We're the Founding Fathers, capishe?

This is about the nation admitting to, and paying for, a crime. 

"If they shop at Whole Foods, we shop somewheres else."

Most of what else Corolla says is just as ill-informed and misguided.

“Never did a man achieve more fame for what he did not do.”

Homeopathic - made in France - must be good!

Long story-short, Corolla's another member of The New Worried Well (who we should show concern for) endorsing rape and plunder, while Dave Chappelle haunts their dreams, and acts out their nightmares:

Blacks can now read the conservative mind before it can think of something to say.

If anybody white is still wondering why "Good Ol' Dave" left his TV show, you might want to check yourself right here,…

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