Friday, June 6, 2014

David Frum, The Atlantic & Racial Cognitive Dissonance

O.K., so America looks different - you still live here - MOVE ON!

This is kind of hard to grasp, or explain, from the outside:

Today, for some reason, someone at The Atlantic let David Frum post something, called The Elusive Specificity of Reparations:

 "They’re not an abstract notion. They’re particular amounts of money paid to particular people. To atone for America's sins, whom should the government pay, how much, and why?"

We're all counting on Ted (and Rand) to bring in those black voters, right?

It's a weird piece, if you've read what Coates wrote in The Case For Reparations, published by,...The Atlantic:

So here's my concern already:

Are reparations as a topic causing Frum - and his magazine - to publicly experience, like, some kind of white mental episode?

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