Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Eric Cantor's Defeat Is Really The Tea Party Slashing Off Their Own Big-Ass Nose To Spite The Republican's Face

Brilliant. President Obama's probably laughing his ASS off. Made his day, at the very least. Cantor's gone. Issa would've been better but, fuck it, he'll take it I'm sure. Courtesy of The Teas.

And the political betrayal (betrayal rarely ends well) Cantor's a Tea Party pol himself, y'know. No loyalty there.

So what are our Tea Party strategists doing now? Cycling through novices? That will scare the SHIT out of the other side.

Cantor's big, no doubt about that, a millionaire. I read this new guy's got $40,000 in the bank. It reminds me that, in America, being financially disadvantaged isn't always what it seems - a good feature of the country. I'd suggest conservatives consider that, when they declare goals of the civil rights movement "impossible," like black reparations. Old orders will be toppled here.

But, like an American black kid's death, I don't see much happening from this. A politician of high rank (but not much consequence) got ousted in a state that's so conservative I don't know how they have children. The Teas are still 2014's John Birch Society, so - what?

The wingnuts threatened, if they didn't get their way, they'd destroy the Republican Party, nationally, and they have been:

This is just more of the same,…

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