Sunday, June 8, 2014

If Washington & Jefferson Knew Slavery Was Wrong (& Did It Anyway) What Hope Is There For Their Admirers?

It's especially disheartening - and revealing - to wake up remembering the men and women who understood, at the time, the ugliness the American Founders were engaged in with slavery.

Much like their white admirers, today, the Founders didn't give a damn about right and wrong - or friends with ethically-correct perceptions of the world around them.

They cared, mostly, about their wallets, and if grinding up people's lives to fatten themselves was the price to be paid, then so be it.

This is hardly admirable.

And trying to make it so is also not an education - which is about truth - but propaganda, which is concerned with indoctrination.

America's a racist cult - deadly as sin - and it's been going on for hundreds of years now.

Americans, continually told to look up to those we should be looking down upon, and kept too stupid to know the difference - because white's self-imposed ignorance keeps them happy.

This is the reality of black lives.

And why so many others feel like ending theirs.

I figure I've got about 10-12 years of this horror, left, tops.

But, if I don't make it, believe me - it's totally cool,…

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