Monday, June 9, 2014

John McWhorter Can Kiss My Ass For A Real Education

Whites make jokes about politics - as culture marches on.

The NYT is having a reparations discussion - just the kind these conservative whites told me wouldn't be happening anytime soon: 

Blacks can tell who cares and who don't.

And BTW - why isn't punk-assed John Mcwhorter on a ski slope somewhere, telling whites they should be spending their money on education? When it comes to blacks, he's always asking what money will "do" for us (What's it "do" for whites?) or he wants to know what blacks plan on doing with it (What do whites do with money?) because, I assume, his half-white, adopted, Uncle Tom routine prevents him from knowing what not having money does to people in a racist society. 

Is that birdcage really going to help her future?

I've read several of his missives, and McWhorter has no suggestions for whites that I've ever heard of. No "pull yourself up" and "think of your education" lectures, for them, as they go to Spring Break or whatever - just blacks. 

Thanks for the "help," Asshole.

Which is John McWhorter's idea of justice - for blacks alone - too,…

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