Saturday, June 14, 2014

Responsibility Lies Wherever The Liars Are Responsible

It's amazing white people don't know this already. But then, it's also amazing, the number of things you'll find white people don't know. And all of that pales, of course, when compared to the number of things they'll insist on not knowing: 

"You can say that a family of white people who immigrated to America in the 1920s has no responsibility for the enslavement of black people — but actually, they do. That family decided to sign up for a package deal called 'America,' a package deal they wanted (otherwise they wouldn't have immigrated), and a package deal which was shaped, for better or worse, by the institution of slavery. While it's important to note that slavery limited the economic development of white Americans as well as black, at the micro level, plenty of white Americans directly or indirectly benefited from the systematic discrimination of black people, in the realms of housing, education, employment, and so on. The discrimination was pervasive enough that each of the myriad institutions that make up American life — politics, schools, colleges, sports, media, culture — has been affected. Those participating in these institutions incur, in turn, at least some degree of responsibility for that injustice." 

Call me whenever the part about America protecting her stolen goods, by saying it's poor black owners are "greedy," begins….


  1. Utterly stupid argument. Blacks are free to emigrate. If blacks don't emigrate, then it's proof that they accept the system as is and aren't owed any reparations. dur dur.

    The Civil War was the baptism that cleansed the country of any sins from the institution of slavery. Baptism, and in this case a baptism in blood, washes away the sin.

  2. I'm not going to make a habit of answering snide Anonymous commenters, so get a handle.

    It's just not worth it,...