Wednesday, June 4, 2014

San Francisco's Zeitgeist Is A White Supremacist Bar

This is the name and logo to a bar in San Francisco - I designed them.

I've seen them all over the world, in France and Germany and Hawaii, and on t-shirts and bumper stickers - you name it.

The place is very popular.

Famous people are even known to hang out there - but you know what?

Zeitgeist has never paid me for my work - or even bothered to try and make good. As a matter of fact, those now behind Zeitgeist went out of their way to rip me off, including repeatedly using skin heads to chase me away (and even, after the owner was murdered, reneging on a deal that had me testify in court on their behalf) all because they've been intent on keeping money I was owed.

This is just another example of the racial sins behind the facade, of what white America thinks is so cool, when it's not. This entire country is just KKK shit, from top to bottom:

And, for the record, I'm not an old slave or anybody whites can claim is dead - the people currently behind Zeitgeist did this to me, using violence, racism, and racial terror, for outright theft. 

 And, now that I'm back in The City, every day when I see my work, and know how much money others are making from it - all because Zeitgeist was willing to be racist to an honest man - I'm reminded that I know my country, and this city, better than probably anyone who's ever walked through that front door,…


  1. Yep, white supremacy is built in to America. Luckily, white people will soon be a thing of the past.