Saturday, June 14, 2014

The Wingers Want 2 Run Walker On Racial Resentments

Why are conservatives losing on race, everywhere TMR looks? 

Because, even after a front page article on the racial issues TMR's seen swirling around Scott Walker for months, here's what the lames at Powerline are still coming away with: 

Or how about the whiff of delusion wafting over Althouse:

Check it - no soul-searching, no desire for Walker to straighten up, nothing - and this one says it all: 

Scott Walker was endorsed by Ted Nugent (and Nugent proudly said he "worked closely" with Walker) and these guys are talking about "smears"? They are as oblivious as they come:

And, unfortunately, that includes to how politics works,…

ADDED - Now The American Thinker is startled by the non-existent, but not by what TMR knew would be news, months ago:

 Like the year-long after-effect of John Edwards having a baby, this is becoming truly hilarious,…

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