Friday, June 6, 2014

TMR Sees Big Differences Between Blacks And Whites

Bumper stickers on cars/they're blowing it all/I see ya, and I stare at ya.

While whites are indulging themselves as quickly as possible (or playing defense and making trouble) blacks are steady working at it, getting America's real business done - that of our original sins:  

Mack Maine, President of Young Money, is quoted by the website as saying: 'Bieber does not have a slave mentality,…'"

"I pledge allegiance/to the plan/for a United Race Of America - including Canada!"

Artists, especially those within Hip-Hop culture, even TMR - created by a black man like those who came before - accepted the job, breaking the old American cults' hold. It's what we do:

Always laugh/under your breath/that most blacks don't get vacations.

The big difference between us is how much more importance whites, generally, put on appearances over deeds:

They merely want to look good.

We can't leave what/little that's left/our reparations being built on patience.

Not striving, in every way, for something very different:

Different than what we have now.

Which does seem to be becoming a burden,...

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