Wednesday, June 4, 2014

We're Just Floating Along, Singing A Song, Side-By-Side

"Run and hide" seems to be the best white argument against reparations.

"Denial" is becoming a powerful psychological feature of white's identity:

Actually becoming Americans has been placed on white's back burner.

TMR hopes someone is calculating how long it takes American whites to come to their senses and do the right thing:

Blacks should also be compensated for being made to wait for justice.

We'll kill you - if you don't notice how caring we are - for birds.


Considering their unbridled support - for the concepts of freedom and justice - somehow, TMR doesn't think most whites would feel the same way as we blacks about (what would HAVE to be) such a historic document:

 Considering white's well-known record, for historical honesty, I wonder why?

Halloween is an isolated incident - this wasn't.

But how many times has TMR said the new white game was ignoring or deliberately bypassing history - and, thus, themselves?

Can't we go back to arguing whether the racists switched sides politically?

Whites are extremely ahistorical now, because they know:

With so many friends, tell me why blacks haven't succeeded like other races again?

History is the noose that finally finds their necks attractive,…

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