Tuesday, June 10, 2014

With Whites Using The Position America Put Black Men In, To Ridicule Us, The Comeuppance Is To Be Hilarious

We stole you, we crushed you, we impoverished you, and now we talk shit to your face!

Don't whites understand they need the internet for this? 

"We didn't do nothing to you - except for the 400 years of bullshit whites have refused to answer for, or pay back, before our parents sent us into the world with your money and chips on our shoulders!"

These three-on-one "fair fights" turn out pretty much like I think they will:

Since being outnumbered is black's natural state,…


Fuck the government - this is why whites are in love with guns,...


  1. Question about reparations, Crack:

    Should Barrack Obama receive reparations or pay them?

    Argument for receiving them, he is black, sort of. His skin color doesn't ever seem to have worked against him, though.

    Argument against receiving them, he is not descended from slaves and his black ancestors were not mistreated by Americans. (He might have a case for reparations from the Brits)

    Argument for him paying reparations, his ancestors may have been in the slave trade.

    Argument for, well not sure what: If his ancestors were in the slave trade it is unlikely that any of them came to North or South America. If they went to Turkey, Arabia, India, Persia etc, they probably died quickly, if they didn't die along the way. With no descendants, who would the reparations be paid to?

    John Henry

  2. "Them" above refers to the slaves that Obama's ancestors may have sold, not the Obamas.

    John Henry