Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hey, Dummy: Somebody Cue The Sanford & Son Theme

I guess we can call this The Make-Over, Part II - where Michelle goes from never being proud of this country to, all of a sudden, being totally in love because she's flown over it in Air Force One. Remarkable. And did you know she's got kids, too? Amazing. AND even an MS story to tell? Take THAT, Ann Romney's disease! (Jesus Christ, can these people be any more obvious?)

But she's got the Richie Rich's in one category - being from America's ground floor. Barack Obama drove a rust bucket, just like I do. His best shoes didn't fit well, just like mine don't. She's not talking of the financial success that comes from being born on Home Plate and getting treated like you hit a Grand Slam, but of a FATHER (!) making it to First Base, and being determined to get his kids on Second.

Do I buy it? I don't know - Michelle Obama certainly doesn't look or act like someone with common roots now (and they haven't led the country for the last four years like it) but the story elements ring true.

And while I didn't get to watch all of the Republican Convention, I don't think I ever heard the words "janitors," or "respect," or especially "values," in all of what I did see. I honestly don't think these Republicans today would even acknowledge a janitor, they're so out of touch.

Continuing back to the downside, I hate the Diana Ross hair, and, though the Democrats are cheering them, don't know where these supposed "good jobs" are. And while I understand the argument for ObamaCare, she doesn't address how it's going to be paid for OR what it's passage will do to the character of our nation. And - sorry, Ladies - but this is the wrong blog to try and push for women not being more responsible with their bodies, or paying for their own condoms "healthcare." I'm not buying it.

All-in-all, deep down inside - after doing a total gut-check - I'm not buying any of it. She really lost me when she said, "it's not political, it's personal," like I don't know why they're in the arena. Do they really think that, just because I can see cutaways to brown people nodding like they're church, I'm going to forget this is the politics of pandering and nobody's giving me any specifics or tackling our tough issues directly? (The Republicans didn't either, BTW,...) Seriously, they think I'm THAT easily conned?

Well, yeah, they do apparently - on both sides. 

And that, alone, makes this whole ordeal about as insulting as I've ever seen it,...


  1. This former janitor (really!) is voting straight R on the the ballot this November.

  2. He wore shoes a size too small? Really?



  3. As a person with a good friend who lived but a few blocks from those projects Barry and his cronies (and his wife's cronies -- she's got ties to the Chicago Machine herself) I'm not buying it. They can pander all they want to -- but I've seen how they treated people like something less than cattle.
    Thing is no, the Republicans are as out of touch (and worse at messaging) as the Democrats are. The little people are something less than cattle to be pandered to in election years for them too -- there's no representation there; there is no attempt to even get to know the people even a little.
    Cardboard cutout canidates who look upon the little people like so many cardboard cutouts to be moved here and there as it suits them.
    Not buying it at all -- none of it.