Sunday, December 1, 2013

Landlady Was A Chiro - I Wouldn't Go: I Was Homeless

Pretty simple. 

But, of course, this issue gets me harassed, endlessly, online. 

Here's how two bulging discs in my spine are described:

 Naturally, everyone's racial and sexual social attitudes - and their  medical problems - are ALWAYS connected. Along with God hating gays and punishing us.

These top-notch "thinkers" also are prone to offering their own brand of "useful" advice. Think about it, blacks:

You're trying to get something to eat - what would you think you need to hear? Here's the white guy who claims to have it all:

Gee, thanks for that starve-in-the-meantime answer. What none of my harassers will do is face the actual problem, which I describe, daily:

"Most chiropractors have very little inkling what evidence-based practice amounts to; the good intentions that once motivated them have long given way to the need to make money. They are unable to critically assess their own activities, and all the bogus claims they have been exposed to are thus endlessly and profitably perpetuated. The principles of medical ethics have remained alien to most of them. In fact, ‘evidence-based chiropractic’ is an oxymoron: either you abide by evidence – in which case you cannot possibly conceive the idea of adjusting spinal ‘subluxations’ – or you believe in the myth of ‘subluxations’ in which case your practice is not evidence-based. Long is right, I think, when he states: the most efficient way to protect against chiropractic mistreatment is to avoid chiropractors altogether.

 And YOU let it happen. YOU even encouraged it, you yoga-and-chiropractic-supporting hippie lunatics, so fuck YOU. The Real Message? From them, and the other Boomers out there, to me?

Better someone injured is in the streets - where the rest of you Nazis can kick them - than interrupt your Boomer desire for mass delusion,...

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  1. Lazy black baby boomer blames others. Film at 11.