Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Let's Hear It For The "Blind & Naïve" To Black Suffering (& The Idea Fighting Sexism Is As Important As Racism)

- Charles Blow

- Frederick Douglass

- Ann Althouse

So, what's TMR's Christmas message to we sad, angry, misunderstood, "bellyaching" black people, who whites, today, don't want to help (no matter what we say, or what happens to us, including death) unless we agree with them, their politics - and, not only their version of history but, even the current state of our very being?

Don't you DARE restore "a brightness and happiness" to their lives.

And - no matter what "they" say or think or do - Merry Christmas!

ADDED - I can't forget my girl:

A Big Holiday Shoutout to PW (and her family):

I've never felt alone with y'all there,...