Tuesday, June 3, 2014

John Oliver's A Fake Anchor Speaking Truth To Power

John Oliver is havin' quite the effect on the youngin's. No surprise because this is very powerful, funny, timely, and informative stuff. 

But, what's troubling is, it's not like we weren't warned. For instance, I remember seeing this Negativland piece all the way back in the '80s:

Now - how dumb, do Americans have to be, to have burrowed as deeply into the cable scam as our culture has? Wait:

TMR exists because Americans have proudly fallen for it with glee - and pretty much every other one ever devised - while damning the consequences.

Maybe a Brit's what's needed to help turn the tide?

England IS calling homeopathy "witchcraft":

It's "a new way to heal" at Whole Foods,...

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