Tuesday, June 3, 2014

White's Cognitive Dissonance (Will Thank Me One Day)

Loving our country just got easier - die.

America's best.

I'm not sure if Ta-Nehisi Coates created the term patriotism à la carte but, ever since he introduced it, it's definitely started explaining the spotty (and defensive) approach some take to loving our country - since most of our history included slavery:

TMR's considering being proud of online scams, too.

Efforts are made for that spotty (and violently defensive) approach. Just as efforts are made to denounce black voices, covering the same history, as civil rights "race hustlers" because, though the history is the same, only one part of it - the tale of white supremacy - must be allowed to exist.
"If we conclude that the conditions in black America are not inexplicable but are instead precisely what you’d expect of a community that for centuries has lived in America’s crosshairs, then what are we to make of the world’s oldest democracy?"

See, you didn't see shit because you was doing shit.

The people claiming they're not monolithic as blacks move together when, where, and how they want to,…

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