Thursday, June 5, 2014

NY Pays 4 Killing An Unarmed Teen & Scaring A Family

There ARE things blacks and whites have in common - and probability ain't one of them.

It's like when white people say blacks are yelling, but we're not:

We want the truth - and money, the whole truth - and money, and nothing but the truth - and money.

From what I've seen, getting busted - specifically for racist acts - does seem to be why white people are so scared of surveillance:

If whites will do this to you, they'll do anything, is the operating idea - until they stop.

Not surprisingly, concern for blacks still isn't coming into it:

And we've been watched, like a hawk, since we got here,...

ADDED - the NYPD is on a roll again:

14 year olds are really, really dangerous,...

This country's vision is - shit, it has no vision, blind as a bat,….

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