Monday, June 2, 2014

White's Demand That Blacks Love Them Is Astonishing

A new kind of American "class photo" - smile!

The effort, to wheedle out of doing the right thing, is demeaning to conservative's image - and, I think, even their own self-image:

The cowards can't win - because their principles never existed.

If anyone wanted to devise how conservatives could destroy themselves, from the inside, watch what sticking to "little white lies" long after they've served their usefulness does,...


  1. Is it racist if I return fire and shoot better?

  2. Sure, Michael Dunn, go ahead and "return fire." Then explain, again, why nobody found a gun on the body - or evidence you were under any threat. You just imagined reasons and ways to harm blacks because you "feel" threatened. (I once got thrown out in the street, because whites got uncomfortable, racially. They still "feel" like their actions were justified. I still know white people are warped enough to threaten people's lives because their inconvenienced or troubled.) It's a racist culture.

    As shameful as the results,...

  3. Why do whites dream up imaginary black attackers - when talking about their fellow Americans - as every step of American history has whites as our attackers?

    Doesn't that delusional mind set assist in devising ways to hurt or kill us?

  4. "Is it racist if I return fire and shoot better?"

    Like I said, it's astonishing that whites - who, as you did here, unprovoked, regularly and openly imply they're willing and looking to kill their fellow countrymen who are blacks, to defend an argument racist whites lost decades ago - expect us to love them.

    It's a nice addition to all the rest of what whites have done,...