Thursday, June 29, 2017

Glenn Reynolds Knows One Reality And It's The White People's He Defends Daily

“SYMBOLIC OF THE LEFT’S STRUGGLE AGAINST REALITY: New Christopher Nolan WWII Movie ‘Dunkirk’ Portrays White People as White, Runs Afoul of Diversity Police.”

Whites (like Glenn Reynolds) complaining like this miss the point: WWII lasted for 12 years, and yet whites make movie after movie about it. Meanwhile, American slavery lasted for 250+ years, and whites just can't seem to find the funding or ideas to make more than 1 film a year, if that, about it. And whites never go for realism (when was the last time you saw a slave in rags, or going insane, or suffering with dental or medical problems?) but dress it all up in bullshit. THAT'S what blacks think about, as whites pour more money into their myth making, about themselves - AGAIN.

Narcissism isn't only a Leftist concern.


  1. Hi Crack,

    I have been reading Althouse again after years of boycotting (she brings up interesting stuff), and remembered you and had to see what you were up to.

    WW-II, in my view, is repeated for two reasons:
    1) A lot of people died
    2) A lot of Jews died

    What is missing is the hugest gift humanity has ever been given, and is somehow never discussed. At the end of the war, only the US had the bomb, and the US had the armies. The US could have forcibly ruled the world, but declined.

    With regards to slavery, first, let me say that the people engaged in it knew then that blacks were human beings. You can tell that because American blacks are about 25% European. That is, 25% slave owner.

    That's because the slave owners saw their slaves as desirable human beings. I do not know how much was rape and how much consensual, but if you want to get into the dirty truth you have to ask the question.

    1. And, from memory, I recall your description of Ann Romney, looking like a hawk, trying to find the next piece of flesh to peck.

      So good. --A fan.

  2. Hi Crack, long time no see at Althouse.

    WWII is interesting to me, and shaped today's world. Slavery is not that interesting, is old news, a bit stale honestly. If slavery interests you, go watch, or make, slavery movies.

    What is interesting is that

    a) Lincoln could have just bought all the slaves, with a big bond issue to be sure, and either let them go wherever, or shipped them home. No war;

    2) the South could have just sold all their slaves off to Brazil, who would have worked them to death in a year or so.

    Both would have spared us these interminable conversations.