Thursday, June 29, 2017

Twitchy Tells A Lie (Not That Anyone Cares)

“Socialized medicine KILLS: Parents of terminally ill baby in UK lose final appeal to try and save his life”

This is all bullshit. The kid is brain-dead already and the experimental "treatment" is quackery.

Twitchy should try fighting honestly for a change. It would make all that Right-Wing promotion worth it.


  1. Not that I've been paying much attention to anything outside of my own little bubble because it isn't worth it, but here goes:
    Socialized medicine is a no go for me (not that I or any other poor little peon has much say in this matter) because the fine line of "whose life is unworthy of life?" is just not the slippery slope I want to fall down on (but everybody will be shoved down it anyway and nothing can be done about it in the long haul).
    That being said, I think perhaps the parents in question could be handled a bit more delicately and truthfully than they have been thus far(they're hurting right now, and so in denial -- of course they're going to want to try anything that might cause them hope).
    And instead of getting some sympathetic someone to sit down with them and talk about this, and if they still want to go through with this, well it's their kid, their money (if people donated then that money has been given up), and their lives too.
    But it's pretty damn ghoulish to both make this a political thing -- the affairs of the human heart should perhaps best be left to the individual human (not that any poor peon should ever expect that to ever happen either).
    I feel sad for the parents and the kid, and there are a lot of them to feel sad for...and so I'll just go back to learning a new pastime.
    Hope things are going better for you Crack.

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