Saturday, June 28, 2008

We Need More Johnny Carsons (Many More)

This was the moment that lives in every skeptics heart: the night Johnny Carson got James Randi to help him bust Uri Gellar. Where are the Johnny Carsons of today?

Oprah, Montel, and Larry King, actually give forums to these assholes so they can be allowed to swindle the public into believing their bullshit. But debunking their nonsense is what journalists should be doing, daily; then they wouldn't have to be so worried about falling newspaper sales and television ratings - because they'd actually gain our respect and admiration for doing their fucking jobs. The problem hasn't been the public's "changing habits" but theirs.

Seeing this clip again made me sad, and pissed, because I'm old enough to remember when events like this were the standard of journalism. Now all we get is NewAge bullshit by the pound - and we should be profoundly ashamed - because, under the influence of these NewAge charlatans, it's been the quality, and texture, of our very lives - the actual feeling of being alive - that has been allowed to be so greatly diminished right before our eyes.

I think it's time to bring this whole ugly, ugly, chapter to a close, don't you? Watch the clip: these people can't stand up to anything close to a real examination. Let's make that our entertainment now. Let's laugh at them, to their faces, as they've laughed at you behind your back. Let's put our "thinking caps" back on - remember those?

I'm sure they're around here somewhere,...