Monday, July 21, 2008

Either You're In Or You're Out (Drinking)

""Spiritualism is a religion. It's not a cult, it's not a sect, and we do believe in God . . . There are a lot of people who don't know that this is available,...The soul is eternal. People don't die, there is life after death and we do talk to dead people."

-- "Rev." Carol Burrows, a serious head case - and a member of Ontario's London Spiritualist Church - trying to clear up that "cult" stuff, for the London Free Press

""In company with other men, I spoke just as any other man, so that no one was able to distinguish me either from myself as I had been formerly, or from any other man; and, nevertheless, in the midst of company I sometimes spoke with spirits and with those who were around me; and perhaps they might have gathered something from this circumstance.'

Gathered something? You think?"

-- Doctor X, commenting on a quote from "Scientist and Mystic" (some people deny there is such a thing) Emanuel Swedenborg - who seemed to suspect *something* was "off" in his personal relationships - for the Mystic Bourgeoisie

"While participants suggest that mystical and supernatural experiences may be genuine phenomena they nevertheless recognize (to varying degrees) the socially constructed and mediated nature of beliefs and practices, explaining that people must interpret – give shape and content – to unexplained events and supernatural phenomenon through the creation of symbols, beliefs, rituals, myths and stories. Consequently, participants suggest that television responds to their spiritual interests and needs by offering a wealth of programs, images and themes that not only resonate with their personal experiences and beliefs, but also shapes, fosters and further expands them."

-- Wendy Martin, on how "Spirituality and the Supernatural on Television" is generating a reaction, for Newsweek

"The 'New Age' movement is a worldwide net formed by thousands of organizations, which collaborate to impose a universal financial system, a universal religion and a universal authority. 'New Age' promises that by its predominance an insurmountable Golden Age will rise, full of love, peace, wisdom and progress, provided that whoever disagrees with its doctrines and programs, is a 'negative person' and should be eliminated, so that 'New Age' followers may enjoy it unobstructedly. The 'negative' ones are calculated to 2.5 billion people, or the 1/3 of earth population."

-- The Alert Greeks.

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