Friday, July 4, 2008

It's The Belief, Stupid

"'The “Believer' role on the Australian [psychic] show is taken by Stacey Demarco, who teaches metaphysics and has written books on how the naïve should apply witchcraft in the boardroom and the bedroom. She says:

I'm a rational type of expert, I'm not the purple tie-dye type of witch. I just want people to come into this with a really open mind. It's not a circus act or an act of any kind. The contestants are normal people, they've got husbands, wife, kids, pets, a house in the suburbs and they are considered weirdos, freaks, satanists just because they have these abilities.

Well, no, Stacey. More correctly, because they believe – perhaps genuinely – that they have such abilities."

-- James Randi, making TMR's all-important (and oft-repeated) point, about the need for critical thinking skills, on this week's JREF Swift.

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