Thursday, July 10, 2008

Like Finding A Dead Squirrel By The Highway

"All you never really wanted to know about the sex lives of President Dubya Bush and his famously frosty First Lady Laura is at the core of a novel due to be published to Republican blushes as the flag goes down on the election season this autumn.

It is called
American Wife and comes from Curtis Sittenfeld, a woman of 33 whose first novel Prep was the sleeper bestseller of 2003 and a contender for the Orange Prize. It was about sex, romance and upper-crust social hypocrisy as a naive country girl goes to an East Coast 'prep' school.

Random House promises to publish
American Wife with very similar themes in time for the Republican nominating convention."

-- Charles Laurence, predicting this wallow-in-the-gutter (by a self-described "flaming liberal") will cause "shock" on the Right, in The First Post.


  1. Off Topic:
    Dude - now Seattle is getting into the act: "Reuse your gtrocery bags or the planet will be destroyed"


  2. Off Topic:
    just wanted to send this to you. Now Seattle is getting into the "Re-use your Shopping Bag or the planet will be detroyed" game even more.


  3. So let me get this straight.

    We have serial womanizer Bill Clinton (whose exploits, perhaps, number in the thousands; and the true number of which we'll never know) --

    -- versus this pathetic, made-up fantasy?

    Wake me up if the sales even break four figures.


    Must link to this.