Tuesday, July 1, 2008

NewAge, The Democrats, And Satan (Oh Yea!)

This one caught me by surprise, but, looking at the documents in this clip, it looks like the typical NewAge nonsense the Democrats are marinating in - which is why the woman seemed so "reasonable" to the others: they're all into NewAge cultism, whether they know it or not. I certainly wouldn't find most anyone into "magick," or any of that other bullshit, to be "reasonable." They're delusional at best, and liars at worst, and those around them are, either, too cowardly to say so or too dim to understand. End of story.

The worst thing that could happen to the Democrats would be some professional journalistic organization undertaking a full expose' on the party's NewAge spiritual and cultish beliefs - and how those beliefs translate into the adoption of public stances and policies. I'm sure if such an expose' were undertaken - even in comparison to Right-wing Christians - we'd find them to be one of the most harmful, and despicable, group of believers in America, with direct connections to such phenomena as the high divorce rate, Satanism, the spread of AIDS, violence and family breakdown in minority neighborhoods, and innumerable other social problems. And, yes, I did say direct connections.

This can't go on forever. Your time is going to come.

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