Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The First Day Of The Long Night

It seems like the only real pleasure I get from television anymore is staying up all night and watching Adult Swim. The Daily Show and The Colbert Report don't make me laugh. I hate the continuous commercials that are always telling me what to do (go green) like I live in the movie "1984". The movies and the news programs (if you can call them that) are also full of messages, so what's the point? There's no free thinking anymore, just cults and their followers, and I've got no place in any of that.

God, the post-hippie world is such a disappointment. Even after the invention and spread of computers, people have just grown stupid. I talk to them all the time, online, and what strikes me most is their selfishness. How they think it'll spawn anything but more selfishness is beyond me. So it can't last. Like Rome, they're bringing about the fall of society, and they won't realize what they've lost until it's gone. Then I'll have the last laugh, but I certainly won't think anything's funny. It'll just be a waste. The greatest country on Earth, felled by the willful immaturity of a generation that refused to grow up. Go on - dance your all-important dance, people - the music will stop soon enough.

People who know that race is superficial think electing a black president will stop our enemies. It doesn't get any more surreal than that. But that's cultism for you: I can't talk cultists out of their delusions. I was once married to a cultist who let herself be convinced she could walk through walls. When I told her to show me she just got mad - at me - this election is no different. Later, she let herself be convinced she could cure AIDS and cancer with her hands (Reiki). But when her cult friend with AIDS died she was too much of a coward to stay in the room. I didn't like the guy, so I, alone, watched the cultist die. My wife's mother had cancer and my wife found Dr. Robert Wohlfhart, a homeopathic cultist, to treat her mother in France. Her mother was in excruciating pain for, like, forever before she died. (The homeopathy and Reiki didn't work.) Then the "doctor" talked my wife into fucking him and turned her on to Kundalini Yoga and Ken Wilber. She didn't understand when I didn't understand. All that's come afterwards, to me, is a piece of that. Just the selfishness of others causing the death of all I held dear. But not killing me. Not a chance.

"We hold these truths to be self evident" is a phrase I think about, a lot, these days. I think I'm the last person of my generation who thinks what's self evident is important. Not what I "believe" is possible but what is and will be. Prediction: president Obama will meet Osama bin laden and it won't be pretty. Barack's just going to talk his head off - right into a basket. (The presidency, in real life, ain't an episode of The West Wing.) But it won't happen before the rest of you give in. What? You think Al Qaeda is going to be impressed by Burning Man? You're fools. And it doesn't pay to argue with fools. You're already the walking dead.

I've sometimes wondered how the world would end, and if it would happen in my time; if this generation would be up to the task of keeping America strong. I think I've got my answer. I had no idea, though, it would end like this.

Metalocalypse is on. Home Movies comes on after that. I love these shows.

I'ma enjoy 'em while I can.

And, no matter what happens, you should enjoy: