Friday, November 7, 2008


I'd never heard of this before - "Generation Jones" - but it fits perfectly: I'm the same age as Barack Obama, don't feel like a Boomer (at all) and can't even start to see the world as others do - not even these examples of other "Jonesers" - or even Obama for that matter. I think this is a brilliant observation!

Wow - I feel so much better now! Like it explains everything!! Hey Boomers: "Don't let the Jones's get you down!" (Just shut up and get out of the fucking way!)

A HUGE SHOUT OUT to "Society Observer" for turning me on to this: you've made my day! My week! My month! My year! My life!

I'm NOT a fucking BOOMER!!! Hooray!!!!

To me, this information is it's own reward, but it's not enough for:

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  1. BTW, "Generation X" at first meant "Generation Jones". It was only as the boomer-age marketers got hold of it that they tried to make the lines all nice and clean and take out the overlap. It used to mean basically "born in the 60s" - check out the Wikipedia entry for Generation X which cites the original TIME or maybe it was NEWSWEEK mainstream article.

    (It's always bothered me, every day of my life since I turned 12, that's why I'm so obsessive about it. I'm Michelle's age so Right On the Line and it MATTERS to me.)

    That's one reason I thank god for Obama though I didn't vote for him. The real boomers finally had to acknowledge that someone his age wasn't really a boomer because the (younger) people following him didn't consider him a boomer...and you know how they love to kowtow to the opinion of the youngest person in the room. ;-)