Saturday, November 8, 2008

Not Very Gay At All

"GAY ACTIVISTS attack blacks over gay marriage. 'It was like being at a klan rally except the klansmen were wearing Abercrombie polos and Birkenstocks. YOU NIGGER, one man shouted at men. If your people want to call me a FAGGOT, I will call you a nigger. Someone else said same thing to me on the next block near the and my friend were walking, he is also gay but Korean, and a young WeHo clone said after last night the niggers better not come to West Hollywood if they knew what was BEST for them.'

My goodness. All this hope, change and unity is getting kind of scary."

-- Glenn Reynolds, dismayed at the results of so much in the name of love, for Instapundit.

Now, now, you guys, cut it out - acting like this doesn't help matters - and don't fuck up the program any more than you have already, because only by working to get it right do you show:

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