Monday, November 10, 2008


"The Girly Men are back. With a vengence. And I expect they'll be granted a front row seat in any and all national conversations for the next four years. They are the new and improved version of men. Designed by feminists and launched in a successful frontal assault on America's outdated notion of masculinity.
Gone are the masculine heros of yesterday - the John Wayne's and the General Patton's. Gone are the the testosterone laden warriors and the outdated dudes who think their job is to protect women. They've been banished to the fringes of the 'politically acceptable', along with all the men who don't shave their chest hair. (And they don't even have 72 virgins to console them. Virginity has been banned as, well, unacceptable for any self-realized woman. Or girl.)
The new improved Girly Men are marching, (mincing) in lockstep in front of anyone who will watch, patting themselves on the back for having 'evolved'. These men have swallowed whole the feminist mantra that This Is What Women Want. A new, sensitive man. A man not afraid of feelings, a man in touch with his inner self who has the, yes, the raw courage, to shed the shackles (whew) of masculinity.
No longer will these men have to battle for their place in the pecking order by the old (brutal) traditional means. It has been decided by popular vote that feelings will now determine social ranking. Acerbic wit will replace arm wrestling. Tears will replace stoicism, dialogue will replace confrontation and liposuction will replace rippling muscles.
Nail polish and hair spray will become the new weapons in the battle of the sexes. And millions of men are rushing to re-invent themselves in the new, socially ordained and politically acceptable way. They have become 'empowered'. Metrosexuals are the new flavor of the day.
Centuries of conditioning are now considered moot. According to the new Girly Man rules, as laid out by feminists and validated by the recent presidential election, male challenges may now be met with understanding instead of a fist. Dialogue is in. Strength is out.

The new Girly Men are superior because they understand the root causes underlying bad behavior. And they're man enough to turn the other cheek. Next time someone kicks sand in their face, they have carte blanche to slink away, and feel self-righteous to boot. What a deal.
Girly Men have claimed the moral high ground and traditional methods of male behavior are to be considered déclassé. Feelings trump facts, intentions trump outcomes and tears trump fists. Men have evolved to a higher plane and they're loving it. 
So are our enemies.”

-- Nancy Morgan, clearly drowning in some guy's tears, for


  1. they run rampant in Portland, Oregon. i was shocked to find ONE real man to marry here. the women here are tougher than the men. give a woman a glass or two of wine, though, and the truth comes out. i've heard it from many of my girlfriends, "portland men are PU**IES! where are the real men?"
    we really DO love having the door held for us, we love stinky, sweaty, manly men. stop being doormats, guys! sigh...though i fear we've elected the most 'feelings first, feminine' of them all. there are some things i admire about obama, but i really don't want my son to be like him.

  2. I find it really creepy that young men in general are so girly. I suppose the fact that most teachers nowadays are women and fathers may be absent from the family could be a factor... but I assume the primary reason they do it is because it helps them get laid more often. I find it bizarre for women to complain about it!