Saturday, November 1, 2008

When Obama's Kool-Aid Cult Attacks

"If you live in Seattle and happen to have a McCain-Palin yard sign, watch out.  The Obamabots have targeted you for who knows what.

The Seattle 'newspaper'
The Stranger published an article listing homes in the Seattle area that displayed their support for the Republican campaign via yard signs.  They've included photos as well.  We're not really sure the purpose of this but given other Obama efforts to muffle dissent it presents a disturbing picture.

One internet poster says that in Seattle if your car has Republican bumper stickers, it will get keyed.  That's Democratic tolerance for you!

However since the story was picked up by Internet linker Matt Drudge,  As of now,
The Stranger is redirecting the URL to the story back to Drudge's site.  How incredibly odd. (Within the last few minutes as I write this, Drudge has removed the story from his site)."

-- Michael Higby, noticing how absolutely lovely the backers of Barack Obama are, and pointing it out for Mayor Sam's Sister City.

Man, oh man, these Obots are really doing it now:

They've repeatedly tried to block people from speaking against Obama on the radio. His past associates have tried to lock up documents, from The Chicago Annenberg Challenge and The Woods Foundation, so no one can know what he's actually done. Barack Obama himself has tried to use the authorities against dissenters. One Obot called the FBI on on a woman who said she wouldn't vote for him. People have been attacked, businesses boycotted, and private homes have been shot up, set on fire, and graffitied. "Joe The Plumber" had his private life exposed, and now this.

But the Obama campaign isn't a dangerous cult.

No, no, no. People keep remarking that anyone who isn't onboard should "watch out", and noticing what an "odd" series of occurrences keep happening in this election - like people being "targeted" - to "muffle dissent" in the name of "Democratic tolerance" but these Alice In Wonderland examples of typically cultish topsy-turvy logic don't strike very many Obots as a sign that they're part of something creepy and have lost the plot of what their movement was supposed to be about. For instance, nothing that's occurring now is reflective of Barack Obama's inspiring speech at the 2004 Democratic Convention. As a matter of fact, it's the complete opposite. He's not even reflective of that speech any longer because he hasn't spoken up to challenge The Weathermen-type nastiness his followers (and that's what they are) are spreading out there.

Then there's NewAge Oprah - his number one backer - with The Secret and her Eckhart Tolle seminar nonsense, and all the other foolish ghoulish "spiritual" charlatans behind him (Wright, Pfleger, Farrakhan, etc.) but, no, it's not a cult - this is all just a coincidence, and anyone who says otherwise is the crazy one. You talk about "The One". He's not a politician, he's the "Lightworker" (one of the names for Satan) and none shall stand in his way. Riiight. And what do you plan on doing about it?

Some will approach the cultish "Space Hippies" like this:

But I'ma keep speaking up, and keep speaking out, because speaking truth to (wannabe) power defines:


  1. My feeling is the sheer weight of logic against the Obama house of cards simply must reach critical mass.

    But ... as a recovering member of the Press, albeit a closet conservative member of same, no one knows better than me the absolute power over opinion this small cadre wields.

    Excellent post, my friend, as always.

  2. Wow.. Such racist thoughts and bigotry..

    You must enjoy being a Khu and worshiping Pinky and the Brain.