Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Right's Blogosphere: Experts On Yoga, Meditation, Quackery, Gays & Alternative Medicine (But No Blacks)

Did you ever noticed, while I've nailed them for promoting all kinds of useless garbage, The Four Horsemen of the Ablogalypse - Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Sullivan, Steven Den Beste, and Charles Johnson - have never taken the subject of slavery's economics very seriously? 

Well, to be honest, if you ask me - except as a scam on their countrymen - they've never took blogging very seriously either,...

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  1. Well, considering that most of the rightwing bloggers are encouraging South Carolina voters to chose this guy over Lindsay Graham:


    I'd pretty sure they've lost all manner of credibility (that is if we lived in a reasonably sane world that could recognize sanity...or the lack of it). However, I have been wrong many times before.

    Now, there are plenty of criticisms to be made of Senator Graham, and no politician should be immune from primary, but my primary argument has always been "but why must you insist on replacing him [or anyone else] with somebody like this?".
    I mean...the stinking enormity of the sheer craziness and just...wtf...just craziness...

    It's quackery on the political scale (and possibly, likely, the historical scale as well).