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Monday, January 27, 2014

The Insecure, Impulsive, Irrational Pain Of Vain America

Whites said big butts were ugly for most of my life:

Now they're the unnatural outgrowth of a sick society, facing the truth that it couldn't hide,...

Monday, December 16, 2013

Our White Society: Always Tackling The Important Issue

[Peter O'Toole, 2 August 1932 – 14 December 2013, good guy) 

 Almost 150 years and, the more things change, the more they remain the same:

I know what they've decided so far:

They'll let me know of any new decision, eventually, I'm sure,...

NewAge Is A "Spiritual Practice" (And They Do Practice)

She said:

As though atheists can ignore the religious' evangelical tendencies.

And, since we know this, who is actually deigning to "bother" whom?

And who - as usual - is "blaming the victim" here?

("Blaming the victim" - I am enjoying these Flaws In A Perfect System - our popular catchphrases for the casual cruelties Americans needlessly inflict.)

She said:

Oh my dear, you are aware the divorced are listening, aren't you?

Why aren't they - or, even better, their religious spouses - more emphatic?

Do you seriously think a fanatic is being rational, or even helping, when they're all "you think you're so rational" towards the subject?

Mocking the very endeavor society builds on - while insisting we must be empathetic towards the irrational - what does that reveal?

Didn't I just mention evangelism?

She said:

"Seekers of knowledge and truth" - yeah, sure.

Having been there before, we know there is no "possibility that religious people are seekers of knowledge and truth" when they've always insisted - as you are right here - that batting away knowledge is the way to truth.

You are, once again, arguing for insanity and nothing more.

And doing so insanely.

And I even understand why - which is why it's my job to tell you:

Avoiding "being a jerk" is NOT what this is all about,...

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Right's Blogosphere: Experts On Yoga, Meditation, Quackery, Gays & Alternative Medicine (But No Blacks)

Did you ever noticed, while I've nailed them for promoting all kinds of useless garbage, The Four Horsemen of the Ablogalypse - Glenn Reynolds, Andrew Sullivan, Steven Den Beste, and Charles Johnson - have never taken the subject of slavery's economics very seriously? 

Well, to be honest, if you ask me - except as a scam on their countrymen - they've never took blogging very seriously either,...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Here's One From A Political Atheist: "I See Dead People"

Fucking PJMedia - from Roger Simon to Glenn Reynolds - is worthless. Look at this shit:

Yeah, and conservatives are being totally rational, as they "win by losing" while following idiots claiming to be "chosen by God".

If there WAS a God, he'd strike these imbeciles down,...

Saturday, August 17, 2013

I Yam What I Yam & What I Yam Is A Yam (Yes, I Yam)

If they'd include the "spiritual but not religious" in the next study of this kind, it'd be very helpful:
Atheists tend to be more intelligent than religious people, according to a US study. 
Researchers found that those with high IQs had greater self-control and were able to do more for themselves - so did not need the benefits that religion provides. 
They also have better self esteem and built more supportive relationships, the study authors said. 
The conclusions were the result of a review of 63 scientific studies about religion and intelligence dating between 1928 and last year. 
In 53 of these there was a ‘reliable negative relation between intelligence and religiosity’. 
In just 10 was that relationship positive. 
Even among children, the more intelligent a child was the more probable it was that they would shun the church. 
In old age the same trend persisted as well, the research showed. 
The University of Rochester psychologists behind the study defined religion as involvement in some or all parts of a belief. 
They defined intelligence as the ‘ability to reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, learn quickly, and learn from experience’. 
In their conclusions, they said: ‘Most extant explanations (of a negative relation) share one central theme - the premise that religious beliefs are irrational, not anchored in science, not testable and, therefore, unappealing to intelligent people who ‘know better’.

Like, to "know better" ever impressed a believer,...

Monday, June 24, 2013

Hallucinations: Imaginary Visions Don't Get Real Results

It's difficult to understand how plowing drug users with propaganda is supposed to work when, it's obvious, the thought processes currently flowing - from straight life - don't. Let's start with the obvious:

How is creating a society - filled with propaganda - supposed to make anyone want to live, much less, stay coherent? 

Are you kidding me? Do you see how far off the mark they were, whenever it first occurred to someone behind this clip to say, "Hey - I've got an idea!"? (All the, I guess, brilliant lawyer/professor Ann Althouse wondered, after seeing this, was "How'd they do that?") It's pretty obvious to most drug users what no one's addressing:

How coping - without drugs - is supposed to fix living with idiocy. 

For instance, there's a lot of religious nuts out there, of one kind or another, no more reasonable than your average drug addict. Did the existential problem they pose, somehow, go away because whoever made this "public service announcement"? Or, as the commercial depicts, did the creators conveniently think users would forget the existence they're stuck in, while watching this? (Really? It was considered that powerful?) Let's try something, few who make these things consider, and look at it all another way: 

Where's the commercial (and concern) for a fallen stoner friend who found an approved belief system but - as (wink, wink) his appearance improved and his mind sharpened - he increasingly used both to become popular as a rigid fanatic spouting nonsense about invisible beings who must be obeyed? 

See, now that's a common 1st World problem that people are dealing with. It needs addressing and, by doing so forthrightly and in a straight-ahead manner, you might make life more tolerable, allowing some users a clear pathway off drugs. 

Doing the one thing found, to make the incomprehensible tolerable, is irrational? Because you'll die? Life kills us all, sooner or later, so that's no argument.

Religion and drugs make life less than worth living, so they've both got you coming and going, but (the thinking goes) at least drugs give you something in return. There's a real incentive. 

Stop trying to scare people out of living - kill two birds with one stone: 

Fix a real problem and (most of) the imaginary go away, too,...

Friday, June 7, 2013

Head Like A Snow Globe (Turn Upside Down And Shake)

While re-reading the last post on Ann Althouse, I noticed another great quote I missed:
“Whenever I encounter someone who insists that he's purely reasoning about the issues and deciding everything rationally, I always wonder what's going on in his psyche that's given rise to his need to be seen that way.”
This is subversively confused "logic" at it's best. 

So - if someone doesn't want to be known as crazy and irrational - that makes the feminist question their motives (notice she refers to "his" psyche), but - as I learned after spending years over there - the crazy and irrational doesn't raise any red flags and has her full participation and support. 

 Again - Ann's a NewAger - with another example of how the NewAge "works"....

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Songs Like "Black Magic Woman" Should've Been A Tip-Off Marriage Wouldn't Survive Their Occult Madness


 As far as I know, Professor Edzard Ernst - out of all the professors I've spoken with in various fields - is the first one to make the connection, openly state, and agree with, a central tenet of this blog:
"Making people believe in mystic 'energies' undermines rationality in a much more general sense. If this happens, the harm to society would be incalculable and extends far beyond health care."

 Considering "this happens," pretty consistently, and has been since the 60s - and don't get me started on the ramped up effect of, say, Oprah Winfrey's show on the populace - I'd say we've been in deep doo-doo for a long time. So long, most can't even comprehend what "incalculable" damage they've been doing for decades. 

"Political expression on the Left in the American sixties was split. Radical activists such as Students for a Democratic Society (1960-68) drew their ideology from Marxism, with its explicit atheism. But demonstrations with a large hippie contingent often mixed politics with occultism-magic and witchcraft along with costumes and symbolism drawn from Native American religion, Hinduism, and Buddhism. For example, at the mammoth antiwar protest near Washington, DC, in October 1967, Yippies performed a mock-exorcism to levitate the Pentagon and cast out its demons. Not since early nineteenth-century Romanticism had there been such a strange mix of revolutionary politics with ecstatic nature-worship and sex-charged self-transformation.

 As my father used to say, "I've never seen so many zombies in all my life,..."