Saturday, April 5, 2014

Invisible Man (Blacks From Our Future Can't Be Seen)

"Crack must be in the hospital or something. How else to explain his lack of presence on this topic?"

And, there you have it, white America's message of morality to disagreement and/or blame. Translation:

They Care. 

And they do. As long as you agree with them on things no sane person could agree with. Otherwise, homelessness, banishment, abandonment, or - my favorite from talking to white high schoolers about their parents - being "disowned". Scientologists "disconnect" people from their families, too, so there's that to ponder, as well. 

They don't get much whiter than L. Ron.

Little wonder that blacks, sticking together, freak the sociopathic "post-racial" crowd out. We just refuse to be like the rest. Cold. Unfeeling. Seeing people as discardable. Disposable. Willing to hide the bodies - and the guilt - under years of lies, right or wrong. 

Decades go by. Centuries. But look the other way. "Time heals all" they think. Everything but the truth. And anyone but them. They'll die first - or watch millions do so. They don't mind. You didn't agree. 

White culture's been this way since slavery.

It's America - not as a meritocracy - but a meat grinder.

Salute the flag.

 -- Geoffrey Moore (quoted by Ann Althouse) on gays and Brendan Eich, April 4, 2014

--  James Taranto (quoted by Ann AlthouseApril 4, 2014

 -- Andrew Sullivan (quoted by Ann AlthouseApril 3, 2014

 -- TMR (not quoted by anybody paler, or living more comfortably, than I am) January 22, 2010

Yes, indeed - only four years old and even my right-on-the-bullseye ideas are "homeless. Because of you. And Republicans." 

And, apparently because of my race, the right and wrong - of, repeatedly, ignoring a *correct* black voice - will never come into it.

Almost like it never even happened,...