Saturday, June 14, 2014

Punishment + A Dose Of Racism: Welcome To America

America for you will be an un-fair-y tale!

I like how whites have generally lost interest in race already, right after a blistering minute of black reparations talk, and now they're already back to their many empty-headed distractions, as though the cause of America's problems - it's lack of integrity based on the treatment of it's citizens - has gone away:

Give me a break!

I'm impressed she admits to A) the "unfair" set-up being an unseen source of racial animosity, B) the special treatment she gets for being white and blonde C) the fact she "willfully fucked up" - a charge an unfair white America can't put on her Native Sons. (If whites have never dealt with their race problem, then they can't accuse us of doing anything other than coping with the unfair experience they're providing - demonstrated by these unfair sentences. My nephew got 12 years for the same crime this woman is discussing.) 

All the evidence you need.

And, like most whites, she also admits to not letting the injustices dampen her day - when it worked for her - because it worked for her. Injustices be damned:

Do I try and seduce the guards or leave it to one of you?

Blacks will "Fight The Power" alone, today, baby!

Uncle Tom, Uncle Sam - call the man with the gun whatever you like!

And all of it - ALL OF IT - is pure Americana to it's core.

It ain't over - until blacks are.

It's what whites will be saluting on the Fourth Of July,….


  1. Yes, the society that promotes your ability to spout this nonsense is guilty of...something. Oh, and please learn how to use an apostrophe.

  2. It sounded like the conversation was made up. It wouldn't be the first time a journalist tried passing fiction as truth. Beyond that, she was convicted of armed robbery. The other women were convicted of drug crimes. Apples and oranges. I wouldn't expect a heroin addict or dumb journalist to comprehend the difference.

    Even if it was an example of white privilege, it is simple for black women to avoid. Don't date dope pushers, and don't agree to participate in the drug trade by holding their dope for them. They are not children. They need to show some personal responsibility and accountability for their actions.