Friday, April 11, 2008

The Little Yellow Devils Are Too Tricky For Us

"Universities in China don’t teach their students how to stick needles into 'energy meridians' – they teach bacteriology, immunology, anesthesia and good, proper science. 'Traditional Chinese medicine' embarrasses them as being archaic, quaint and sometimes dangerous folklore."
-- David Crawford of Kelowna, British Columbia, in a letter to the editor of the Vancouver Sun about the use of acupuncture in Canada.

"Here's where things get amusing,...patients in the sham acupuncture group improved more than patients in the 'true' acupuncture group,...In this study, which was the largest, best-designed trial thus far for acupuncture,...sham acupuncture was better than 'real' acupuncture!"

It's a real bitch when your study shows about as conclusively as possible that acupuncture is nothing more than a placebo,...this study is yet another in a long line of negative studies funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Yes, indeed, it's your tax dollars at work again."
-- Orac at work again, on yet another study that proves acupuncture is fake, the believers are stupid; they're wasting everybody's tax money, and - yea - they're racist to boot.

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