Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Attacking With A Pawn

"They get spiritual. In Slate, Robert Wright only semi-facetiously compared [Tiger] Woods to Gandhi, for his ability to live in the present and achieve transcendent awareness. Analysts inevitably bring up his mother’s Buddhism, his experiments in meditation. They describe his match-mentality in the phrases one might use to describe a guru achieving nirvana. He achieves, they say, perfect clarity, tranquility and flow. We’re talking about somebody who is the primary spokesman for Buick, and much of the commentary about him is on the subject of his elevated spiritual capacities.

And here we’re getting to the nub of what’s so remarkable about the “Be A Tiger” phenomenon: He’s become the beau ideal for golf-loving corporate America,..."

-- David Brooks, who seems intent on sticking NewAge spirituality in all his columns these days, for the New York Times

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