Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I Should Have Gone On YouTube

Well, it seems Tricia Walsh-Smith’s tarot cards (and gender) are working for her: she's in talks for her own reality program, feminists are dumping money into her PayPal account, and newspapers and magazines are covering her.

Yes, the woman who admits “I had an affair with a married man,” and to using a "Yorkshire psychic," is doing alright. I, on the other hand, am just getting by and, still, get anonymous e-mails from "friends," telling me what they think they knew about my marriage, and dissing my post-divorce interest in NewAge: of course, when they do so, nobody ever explains the inherent "spirituality" in my own Miss Information's lying and adultery. ("He was helping her get in touch with the universe - and you never even tried!")

It's weird for me to consider I knew so many people with such a positive interest in NewAge - enough to defend it, anyway. I've got to get some other friends, that's for sure. But, apparently, there's no such thing as a rich and powerful, angry and supportive, atheistic genius-black-songwriter-with-integrity lobby,...

Anyway, people actually feel for the woman, now known simply as "Trish":
"When her alcoholic auto-mechanic brother Kevin lost everything in a divorce, he hanged himself. She is preoccupied, she says, with thoughts of Kevin, his failures. 'I’m basically going to go bankrupt. I’m going down the toilet and nobody gives a shit!' she says, weeping."

Yea, lady, join the club.

I'm thinking I gotta get a video camera,...and a deck of those damn cards!

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