Sunday, June 1, 2008

Letting It All Hang Out

More proof of what Barack Obama says he didn't know was happening in his church for 20 years. Does anyone look uncomfortable here? Or does the congregation look like they're getting what they came for?

I would have a lot more respect for Barack Obama if he had just come clean. Knowing the inner struggle over race that most blacks go through, I could accept him saying it can be complicated - so much, that it's possible he got lost along the way. Feelings can get hurt unnecessarily. That's what a person who's trying to transcend race says. They let you know they care - whether they're sure if they're right or not - and will invite you in, at least, to look over the evidence with them. That's what you do with people you love.

But to deny he knew what was being said in that church? That's rich. Barack Obama has been trying to "pull a fast one" on us. He was trying to be subversive. He was trying to get power so he could "paint the White House black." Make no doubt about it: he was going to slam people for being white, in their wallets, not just with words. This "Father" Pfleger is white - and he's loved - because he supports a racist agenda against his own skin color; there's no educating, of any kind, happening here. This is merely what some whites think they have to do to receive the love they desire so badly. Real "respect" never comes into it. No one in this video is being a full human being.

Word is Barack Obama has broken with his church after this screed. It's a little late for that now. His campaign is broken and he's been exposed as a liar.

I think it's time for him to go home.

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