Monday, June 16, 2008

The Proposed New-Image Of The American Male: Goofy-Looking, Unusual-Sounding, And Swishy

"Carvey observes that Barack Obama is an unusual presidential candidate because "he looks like a cross between that Mad magazine guy and Urkel."

Also because Barack Hussein Obama is about as startling a name as you could imagine for a major-party presidential candidate, leading Carvey to conjure a mock political ad for a candidate named Charles Manson Hitler.

Carvey understands the freshness problem, by the way. His long bit about Al Gore, in which Gore becomes a swishy tree-hugger, is clearly an update of routines about Gore as a stiff presidential candidate. "

-- David Hinkley, commenting on Dana Carvey's new HBO special, for New York's Daily News

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