Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tim Russert Upheld The Tradition With Honor

I don't write many good things about Democrats, because most don't even try to live up to the words they profess to believe in, but Tim Russert was different: he was a good man who didn't play cheap. He loved his father, his country, and his family, but, most of all, he loved being a good journalist. Anyone who watched him could see it. He made the rest look like the blow-dried poodles they are - unwilling, or unable, to search for the truth and stick to it - even when it meant making others uncomfortable. He knew all the players personally, and he was still willing to stick the knife in, and twist away with gusto. Hillary Clinton (and others) claimed he was too hard on her. Watch this clip and you decide:

Was this sexism, or a good reporter doing exactly what was called for?

This, my friends, was a journalist.

And TMR is already seriously missing him.

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