Friday, June 13, 2008

Yes! Yes! Yes! A Thousand Times: Yes!

"Obviously the notion that a multimillionaire like Hillary Clinton is a casualty of anything other than grandiose expectation is blatantly absurd. That the mainstream media failed to fawn is conceded, but what Hillary and her radical feminist supporters dub “sexism” is actually the refusal to extend privilege (its near opposite). Mrs. Clinton’s real lament revolves around equality, and she’s bitter over it being foisted upon her.

Yes, the press did not treat her in a chivalrous manner. What Mrs. Clinton craved was special treatment. What she got was the type of disrespect usually reserved for Republicans. The media ridiculed her hypocrisy and broadcast her lies. Their rejection clashed with past experience. Previously, allegations of unfairness and sexism brushed politically correct reporters back in the manner of a 1975 Nolan Ryan fastball, but in 2008 sex is just one of a myriad of leftist superficial fetishes. Besides, in the battle of “isms” skin color usually trumps genitalia.

Thus, with nearly her last spin-meister and dollar spent, Hillary retreated to the warm, cozy redoubt of feminism and its anti-male ethos. While there are numerous philosophical refuges for scoundrels, few are as socially acceptable and therapeutic as misandry. Western men have no group allegiance and many have internalized the egregious conceit that it is somehow unmanly for a man to defend himself before the verbal assaults of women. Hillary knows her audience and is well apprised of their preconceptions. By bringing up the specter of the eternal male, Hillary produced empathic Oprahesque head nods throughout the country."

-- Bernard Chapin, saying what few will admit - about this election and the cowardly illogical times we live in - for Pajamas Media

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