Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Asshole Of The Nation

"This almost inconceivable practice is a direct assault on the people of San Bernardino County by the city of San Francisco."
Gary Ovitt, San Bernardino County Supervisor, on San Francisco's "sanctuary city" practice of dumping drug-dealing illegal immigrants down to California's south, in the Los Angeles Times.

Got all that? San Francisco's mayor - who is now looking to become governor of California - has slept with his best friend's wife (who was drunk) overseen a souring homicide rate, latched the city to outrageously-priced (and punitive) "green" policies, allowed cultism in the city to run rampant, and now been found to dump criminals elsewhere in the state so, specifically, they can evade the federal government and the law.

And I'm sure, to the idiotically depraved denizens of San Francisco, that all adds up to a politician who's uniquely qualified to run the state.

Gavin Newsom and San Francisco: they deserve each other.

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