Friday, July 11, 2008

Nazis/NewAgers: It's About The Will To Power

"The Left uses Western society’s admirable desire not to offend to bludgeon competing ideas and arguments. Inconvenient facts are ridiculed as “insensitive.” Refusal to go along with the multicultural agenda, for example, is cast as a sign of backwardness and bigotry. We’re told we must have a frank conversation about race, but when conservatives take up the challenge, they are immediately demonized for the insensitivity of their honesty.

This is will-to-power masquerading as tolerance. This sort of thing needs to be resisted, because there is no end to where thinking like this can lead."
-- Jonah Goldberg, taking the long-way-home to voice a TMR pet peeve - that NewAgers take kindness as a sign of weakness - in the National Review.

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